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After Open Banking, here comes the Open Health

After the concept of open banking as the system in which bank users may share their data among financial institutions, the Ministry of Health advocates the same practice of opening up the population’s health information with companies.  

The open health proposed by the Minister of Health intends to create a model for exchanging health data of consumers and patients, that could then be accessed by companies. It is a big challenge, because for this project to succeed the whole data infrastructure should be integrated with private and public health systems. 

“Open banking still faces difficulties, even after so many months in the making – I believe that with open health it will not be so simple. The system depends on the input of information from various sources (systemic or not) and interoperability, i.e., having processed and qualified data, and a secure integration network,” says Marcos Paulo da Silva Cardoso, Service Delivery Management at act digital. 

In addition to the technological need, the proposal also needs to ensure the right to personal data protection, assured by the Federal Constitution and by the LGPD (General Data Protection Act). It demands adopting robust information security, IT and health policy, explains Cardoso. 

One of the great advantages is that doctors and hospitals will have quick access to the patients’ history. In addition, health plans and systems will be able to use data and statistics to improve their services and speed up care. Health digital consolidation in Brazil should be the utmost focus of the Ministry of Health, and the investment in artificial intelligence should be considered.  

Today, act digital is already working with some clients in the health market, developing initiatives in this sense, addressing the application of studies, research, and data processing. In these cases, results have been positive, shedding light on diagnoses and predictive actions, with direct impact on the population’s well-being. 

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