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Banking market priorities

Nothing better than telling about trends in the financial services industry, after all, this is a market that drives news in Brazil. Consumers have been evolving digitally and using more service assistants via applications, transactions via pix, among other online services – all this practice ends up requiring the banking market to put improvements into practice and also promote competitiveness among its competitors (the which is great for customers, as competition drives quality in the services provided).
We took note of the recently published “FEBRABAN Survey of Banking Technology 2022” which presented interesting insights, such as the priorities of banks this year:

> 78% analyze and explore data obtained via Open Finance;
> 78% promote the bank’s cultural transformation;
> 39% work with superstores and financial superapps;
> 35% focus on data-driven financial advice.

These points are a reflection of the fact that 87% of respondents say that high customer expectations regarding digital channels and their usability have driven the bank’s digitalization. As for the most applied technologies in 2021 and expectations for 2022, banks will invest their strengths as follows:

Source: “FEBRABAN Banking Technology Survey 2022”

In a short space of time and citing the introduction of the research, we have already identified words that complete each other and have been repeated here: digitization, transformation, data, usability and customer. All of them are part of the act digital routine and our projects – so count on us to accelerate your business too!