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A system that integrates and manages accounting, regulatory, and managerial information


A system that integrates

and manages accounting, regulatory, and managerial information

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Finance and Banking

The largest investment bank in Latin America, specializing in investment capital and venture capital with over 35 years in business.


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Agile & Scrum
  • React (Front-End)
  • .Net Core (Back-End)
  • AWS Services (Cloud)

Project Overview:
Based on our strategic consulting, we developed a page where our client is able to showcase its services to users. Additionally, we created an API and various background processes that produce the information displayed on the page.

Industry Served:
Finance & Banking


We used a Scrum-based agile development methodology, but with various adaptations to better integrate the company’s practices. Our goal was not to change the culture. Rather, we intended to supplement the management routine with some elements that allowed teams to keep track of how the system evolved at each interaction—all in a transparent way and with the least amount of impact and friction possible on their corporate culture.

We managed to automate various managerial, regulatory, and accounting processes. This in turn allowed the bank to offer its products to other financial agents using a BAAS (Banking as a Service) model, in a movement that the market has been adopting for some time now.

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Our automated processes saw the bank’s employees gain productivity and expanded their possibilities of offerings and services to the market.

  • Transparent data and information structure
  • High availability with less paperwork
  • Productivity and efficiency gains across the entire staff
  • Expanded services and solutions to the market
  • Improved security and ability to manage data and operations