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Architectural innovation to meet a business’ new growth demands


Architectural innovation

for new demands of company growth

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In business since 1903, the company is is today one of the 3 largest insurance groups in Germany with more than 2 million insured vehicles and 500 thousand residential policies.


  • Lean Inception
  • Design Sprint
  • UX & UI
  • Angular
  • GCP
  • Java

Project Overview:

We performed Lean Inception and Design Sprint dynamics to identify the company’s real needs. We then created a corporate login solution to meet the demands of their business as well as their brokers. We prioritized backlog solutions based on the co-creation process carried out with the customer and worked on experimentation stages and continuous improvements with the users of the solution:  the brokers.

Industry Served:


We carried out a process of technological and architectural change together with the client, in order to meet the company’s growth demands. We sought the best approach to understand the real needs of the team and bring secure short-term improvements to brokers, with the construction of a corporate login with a second authentication factor and the prioritization of backlog solutions.

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The implementation brought security improvements to the brokers, the main beneficiaries of the project, and the company was presented with a new concept for corporate login, replacing the old solution that was vulnerable and decentralized.

  • Professionals increased productivity and gained agility in their daily routine
  • Greater security in terms of access to information
  • Improved technological and digital architecture