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Automation and efficiency for operating and repetitive processes

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Automation and efficiency for

operating and repetitive processes

Telecom e Midia

The 3rd largest telecoms provider in Brazil. A multinational company based in Europe, it was founded in 1995 and serves over 50 million customers.


  • Software Development
  • System Interaction
  • Data Quality & Big Data
  • Process Design

Project Overview:
We automated operating and repetitive processes in our client’s Leased Services Opex department. All of it was accomplished without the need for integrating existing applications.

Industry Served:
Telecom & Media


We structured the work model and the design of artifacts to support automation management. We ran an AS-IS process map, established priorities, and redesigned the processes that were being automated by RPA. We programmed bots, aligned all processes, analyzed their continuous improvement and kept track of all their activities.

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By automating their processes, our client is now able to keep control of entries for approximately 2500 purchase orders every month, in addition to monitor the approval and change in status for more than 320 requisitions and purchase orders monthly. The project took 13 RPAs involving more than 5 systems.

  • Download of approx. 280 invoices/month from supplier websites
  • More than 600 hours/month worth of efficiency
  • Reduced human error