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Centralizing data on LATAM channels and designing an APP for financial management


Centralizing data on LATAM channels

and designing an APP for financial management

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A multinational company based in France with over 24 years in business. One of largest food services and facilities management companies in the world.


  • Digital Journey Strategy
  • E-wallet
  • UI & UX
  • Research & Benchmarking
  • Agile & Scrum
  • Team Management & Feedback

Project Overview:
We designed and developed a global application for managing food establishments that allows our client to operate, execute, and view receivables. Not only that, our solution features POS licensing, payments via QR Code scanning, and credential and access control management for employees at the establishments.

Industry Served:
Finance & Banking


Through teamwork and regular follow-up, we managed to make our client’s execution and decision processes more dynamic, centralizing information and sharing instructions in a way that is clear and accessible to all teams. Focusing on problem-solving, we were able to minimize internal uncertainties and contribute to working out solutions that were native to the countries our client has a presence in.

We channeled our efforts into deliveries, creating a simple, clear, and straightforward MVP scope. We also drafted delivery scenarios to support the decision process and broadened our understanding of real needs in the interest of separating what actually constituted MVP content from the improvements that we would bring about.



Our job offered our client the ability to manage functionalities and cash flow in a much faster and effortless fashion. Moreover, the global application we created enabled the execution of unified, objective, and efficient journeys, encouraging users to make use of all its features.

  • Unified, clear, and assertive journeys
  • Structured data and information
  • Quick and effortless management of financial assets
  • Contributed to increasing revenue by encouraging the use of features
  • Standardized solutions across different countries