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Developing a Chargeback System, monitoring and designing a safe login and signup architecture


Developing a Chargeback System,

monitoring and designing a safe login and signup architecture

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Finance and Banking

An investment bank from Brazil with over 30 years in business. It specializes in investment and venture capital in addition to managing funds and property.


  • Scrum, Agile Coach & Lean Inception
  • NET & Core 3.1
  • AWS Cloud & Azure DevOps

Project Overview:
Based on our expert consulting, we developed a new computerized system for our client’s customers to file chargebacks, and implemented CVM617 as an account signup functionality.

Industry Served:
Finance & Banking


We designed and created a system to file Chargebacks and monitor lifecycles. This new system is responsible for computerizing 100% of credit card chargeback dispute processes and for automating 70% of the Chargeback filing and tracking processes.

Also implemented by us was CVM617 as a new account signup functionality. It is meant to replace the page used currently by the company. We prepared the architecture for decoupling the module to provide safe external access, and made the necessary improvements to run CVM617 with the Banking Application. All this was accomplished by a team reduced in size working on a short notice which despite this never lost sight of quality and security throughout the entire project.

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By implementing the Chargeback System, our client’s credit card department now has a better optimized and faster process to manage and monitor operations. Moreover, the improvements made to signup will ensure an automated account opening process that is extremely fast, safe, and efficient.

  • Increased productivity and efficiency in the routine of users
  • Technological improvements to internal processes
  • Up-to-date and optimized digital architecture
  • Value delivered to improve the image of our client’s brand in the market