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Developing an APP for digital continuity, legacy integration services, and a microservices platform


Developing an APP for digital continuity,

legacy integration services, and a microservices platform

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Brazil’s largest independent life insurance company, founded more than 140 years ago and operating in over 40 countries.


  • Kafka, Debezium & DB2
  • Postgres & .NET core
  • UX/UI & Scrum
  • DDD/ Clean Code
  • Micro Frontend
  • Clean Architecture

Project Overview:
Based on our expert consulting, we developed for our client a series of products and services, including new legacy integration solutions in line with their Infrastructure, Architecture, and Information Security departments. We also created and enhanced a follow-up application to Success Planner that is fully integrated into the digital journey of specific franchises. Furthermore, we made available a microservices platform so that the company’s business partners can have access to updates and to sell their products.

Industry Served:


By deploying our legacy integration solutions, we managed to strengthen the connection between the different departments and optimize development processes and resources within the company. Moreover, enhancing iPlanner LP and creating iPlanner MF allowed us to standardize users’ digital journey, making it easier to manage franchises and simplifying user access to collection process metrics and KPIs.

Additionally, we were able to replace APIs that the business partners of the TPD sales channel were using with a microservices platform that runs quick and precise calculations. This contributed to improving agility in policy quoting, issuing, and maintenance processes.

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The new implementations and updates brought the company increased speed and stronger security, in addition to facilitating the management and operating processes routine for in-house employees, customers, and business partners alike.

  • Up-to-date and secure database with zero downtime
  • Productivity and agility gains in user routine
  • Information is now fully traceable
  • Technological and digital architecture improvements