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Increasing DevOps maturity level



DevOps maturity level

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A global automaker in business for more than 100 years, renowned for its high standards and constant investment in innovation.


  • Infra as a Code
  • CI/CD

Project Overview:
Our client needed to adjust and advance the use of their internal DevOps culture. With our expert consultants and the implementation of CI/CD and IaaC tools, we managed to lower the barriers to application found by their software engineering teams spread across various countries in Europe and the USA.

Industry Served:


We improved the flow of tools used as part of their CI/CD loop and created a “service shelf” geared towards automating the provision of infrastructure (Infra as a Code, or IaaC). We also monitored and trained all teams to support the new changes and technologies that were implemented.

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Our work allowed our client to reduce the lead time to deploy new features in a production environment, and to complete the training of more than 400 developers.

  • Quick and assertive application of DevOps internally
  • Teams evangelized and trained