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Strategic structure for data-driven businesses

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Strategic structure

for data-driven businesses

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Finance and Banking

The 5th largest private bank in Brazil, with over 20 years’ experience in the market, offering financial products and services to individuals and companies.


  • Strategic consultancy
  • Data engineering and architecture
  • Analytics and assessment
  • AWS for transactional data
  •  Azure for analytics data
  • ETL and BI

Project Overview:
With specialized consultancy, we help the client migrate to a more well-planned, assertive and distributed performance between teams, with the implementation of clear guidelines for processes, activities and executions.

Industry Served:
Finance & Banking


We allocated consultants to the different areas of vehicles, loans, insurance, customer service, and legal. We then structured the data from collection to visualization and tool migration such as Hortonworks to Azure Cloud and Tableau to Power BI.

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With structured and data-driven organization, consultants were able to be more hands-on in the company’s daily operations, understanding their needs and providing solutions to help in the decision-making of VSOs, PMs and POs.

  • Greater organization and streamlining of querying data and information
  • Teams guided with focus on performance and productivity
  • Integrated and convergent communication between teams from different areas
  • Agility and effective decision-making