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Cloud, technology for people and companies

It all started with the American computer scientist John McCarthy, who outlined the initial concept of Cloud Computing (in Portuguese, Computação em Nuvem) in 1957 – however, the technology only began to be commercialized in the year 2000.  

Simply put, cloud computing allows remote access to software, file storage and data processing via the internet. It is an alternative for you to access important data from any computer, anywhere, anytime.  

As an end customer, you certainly use cloud technology, either directly or indirectly. Let’s imagine that the Cloud are literally “clouds” loaded with data that archive documents and conversation history from WhatsApp or other applications. For example, the email you use probably has a server that “keeps” all the information remotely and accessible.   

Looking at the Cloud as a product, in various markets, including finance, adopting and implementing this technology results in greater agility, flexibility and scalability to handle high volumes of enterprise data. Forcefully, implementing it contributes to breaking down technological barriers, such as outdated systems, waterfall development and transforming the business operation model. 

If you want to evaluate how your company would act with data stored in the Cloud, contact us: we help you with your strategy, working in a hybrid way or 100% in the cloud, depending on the processing demand of your business. Take the opportunity and check out this article on Performative Data Solutions that provides more information for you to delve deeper into the topic.