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Consuming online but in-person

Let’s try to understand more about the Metaverse

Explaining the Metaverse is still challenging – let’s summarize it. The Metaverse is a network of human interconnection with real-time 3D simulations in which you consume, experience, and interact with other persons online, but with a real-life feel.

According to Frédéric Martineau, CTO at act digital, consumers already have access to “online and offline” products and experiences; the Metaverse, however, will merge both models. It provides a new way of offering a shopping experience, which may involve fashion shows, advertising campaigns, games, experiences, conferences, and much more. Possibilities are truly endless.

Going practical, we listed some examples of the use (in the now and very soon future) of the platform, and the many different technologies associated with it.


The fast-food chain has filed a patent application for virtual assets, taking its first step into the Metaverse. One of the items is “a virtual restaurant that includes both real and virtual products” according to the application description. In all, ten items are listed for patenting in the virtual version – and there is also the intention to more clearly integrate the virtual and the real through home delivery. Among other possibilities are the creation of virtual art, audio and video files and NFTs*. In Metaverse, customers will be able to access the restaurant, place a virtual order, and receive their meal at home.


A giant company has entered the world of NFTs* with an exclusive line of items that offer buyers the opportunity to help create the company’s products. The collection called ‘Into the Metaverse’ features special tokens for entry into this ‘fan club’, as well as real items in the physical world.

Foo Fighters Concert

Super Bowl LVI always brings something new every year, and has already delivered what it will be like to watch the concerts through the Metaverse. As part of the event’s programming, the Foo Fighters concert was pre-recorded with 180° technology, and broadcasted in the Metaverse at the end of the match. The perfect experience was left to the user to watch through a virtual reality device, and have an immersive view of the concert. If you missed the show, watch the full presentation here.

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* What is NFT?
NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) is a way of evidencing ownership over a digital asset or a real-world asset represented by a token. Anything can be an NFT: an image, audio, video, a domain name, concert tickets, music albums, in-game digital assets (for example a skin).