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Customer Experience is no longer an advantage, it is a necessity to impact

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Since the beginning of the pandemic this year, a series of changes have occurred in the market, economy, and, consequently, in consumer behavior. The demand for quality services/products, personalized service, and better experiences in the digital environment has grown considerably.

The limitations caused by the social isolation led to changes in some habits, such as the consolidation of a home office, the intensification of online events and activities, the increase of purchases through digital channels, among others.

According to studies released by Opinion Box, six out of 10 people are spending more time on the Internet. Analyses published by Google have shown that searches for furniture to work at home grew 90% during the pandemic period, the demand for delivery services also increased by around 95%, as well as the use of APPs such as Internet banking (130%) and money transfer and services (105%).

In general, these data show that companies that have already invested in digital technologies and channels registered a lesser impact on their activities during this period. However, establishing a digital experience strategy has become more vital for organizations that want to stay alive and active in this market.

Personalized Experience

The traditional concept of B2B and B2C is gradually becoming H2H (human to human), that is, creating connections between people. Today, the relationship between companies and customers grows based on long-term trust and is not limited to the sale of a specific product or service.

Studies in the area show that:

  • 68% of the organizations believe that customer expectations are increasing more and more.
  • 52% of the companies have realized that consumers are more willing than ever to change brands if they are not satisfied.
  • 79% think that the behavior change will last.

Studies by CX Network and IPSOS

The closing of physical business or the reduction in the hours of operation increased the need for virtual services and, as a result, innovation and Digital Transformation started to have an even greater weight for companies and the market.

An experience without geographical limits with greater agility and practicality is what every consumer is looking for, but that alone is not enough. You need to invest in relationships, multichannel service, in addition to understanding exactly what your customer is looking for and how they want to buy.

Customer Experience to drive business

Many know that the Customer Experience takes care of all the interaction between company and customer, in addition to managing the experience throughout the purchase journey or contact with the brand. However, what few do is to pay attention to the different cycles and stages of the service, which is a determining factor to generate a good experience for the consumer.

A company that invests in Customer Experience has almost twice as many orders and requests when compared to an organization that does not yet have this consolidated posture in the market. Additionally, the chances of generating a significant increase in customer spending also increase, due to loyalty and connection to the brand.

Humanizing business and professional relationships has never been more relevant to business success than it is today.

But for that, it is necessary to invest in a series of changes, not only in service, but in the corporate culture and process operationalization. Some of them are:

  • Digital transformation

To offer a unique experience, you must have the right tools, therefore investing in technology and updating processes are fundamental factors. It is necessary to transform both the digital channels of contact with the customer and the internal operations so that these changes are truly lived and experienced throughout the organization.

  • Data-based decisions

To understand customers and know exactly what they want from your brand, you need to have the right information, relevant data, and indicators that show, among other things: the purchase profile, their doubts and expectations, the monitoring of their satisfaction, performance rates, etc.

  • Empathy and dialogue

The experience depends on human relationships, so maintaining close contact with the customer is essential for the success of this journey of buying and selling. You need to show your customer how much your company is engaged and committed to offering the best product/service, as well as deeper and more customized experiences.

This new scenario generated by the pandemic accelerated new management models and demanded new attitudes from the companies regarding their performance in the market.

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