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Digital Operation & Process Automation: learn more about the process!

Among the most talked words in the digital market are connection, digitalization, and usability. But there is a path to be followed to make them become results – not necessarily long, but structured and thought out in the user’s journey. And the path goes through Digital Operation & Process Automation.

Following, we explore and contextualize the subject to deliberate on how Digital Operation & Process Automation projects impact people and companies.

After all, what is it?

First, it is important to explain the concept of the terms that make up the expression Digital Operation & Process Automation. Digital Operation, literally means “digitizing processes”. In other words, applying technology and digital solutions to cooperate to improve the operation of systems. One of the everyday examples would be to use cloud storage, and have physical data available for the online environment, thus facilitating the analysis and mapping of improvements.

Process Automation is either business process automation (BPA) or robotic process automation (RPA). Both are applied to automate business transactions; the difference, however, is that RPA uses artificial intelligence (AI) for automation.

What are the advantages?

Both directly affect the user’s journey, whether a customer or an employee. Among the benefits of Digital Operation & Process Automation, we mention:

  • Agility and efficiency in processes;
  • Cloud technology: referring to accessibility, making processes and documents 100% online;
  • Improvements and optimization of resources: review of flows, facilitating communication and reducing costs;
  • Information collection in a precise manner, and secure monitoring;
  • Ease of directing investments into tools to generate results.

How does Digital Operation & Process Automation drive digital transformation?

Digital transformation starts with a diagnosis of the needs of each company, according to the business and the people. Small actions of Digital Operation & Process Automation may have a big impact, depending on the size of the company.

In general, implementing systems that improve flows, information sharing, and data analysis, in addition to reviewing processes, are starting points for transformation. Therefore, both automation and digitalization of business processes are the drivers of change.

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