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  • Shaping the future, inspired by people.

act digital is a Brazilian digital evolution consultancy that was founded in 2011 with the aim of being the main technology partner for the most innovative companies on the market. Our solutions aim to accelerate and scale the digital experience of more than 100 customers. We have more than 4,700 employees around the world, with offices in Brazil, the United States, France, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Morocco and Serbia and Canada

Where we impact

  • Brazil
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Serbia
  • Morocco
Presence with local delivery12 countries
Employees around the globe+ 4700
Fortune 500+ 100 clients


Telecom_1080x1080px.jpgTelecom and Media
Saude-Farma_1080x1080px.jpgHealth and Pharmaceutical
Agro-Energia_1080x1080px.jpgAgro and Energy
Varejo-Bens-Consumo_1080x1080px.jpegRetail and Consumer Goods


We create a new experience based on the existing business model of our partners, using the foundations of Digital Experience Design
We develop solutions in an agile, secure and analytical way based on our concepts of Agile Software&Product Development, Architecture&Cybersecurity, Data Analytics&AI
Scale up
We scale processes through automation and digitalization, applying technologies such as RPA&Digital Operations, Cloud and DevOps

Our Partners

act digital has a network of global partners that offer the best solutions on the market to drive the digital evolution of our customers.


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Bank Saves at Least R$ 2.4 Million Annually with Robotic Processes

Project executed by act digital conducts migration and closure of personal accounts through automated interface

Logistic Control System Enhanced with Migration to Angular

User experience benefits from application improvements, making it more agile, intuitive, and responsive

Fintech Enhances Payment App with Clean Code Solution

Financial transfer app had bugs resolved, with performance and efficiency gains through clean code development

Multinational Adopts Cloud Data Lake, Enhances Data Efficiency

Migration Led by act digital Transforms Company’s Data Access and Analysis

Modernization of Legacy System Generates Efficiency and Security for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical company reestablished the use of the new drug control system with a modernization project that delivered efficiency, functionality, stability, and security

Fast Check-in: Hospital Self-Service Reducing Wait Time

Innovation and technological integration expedite service and reduce costs, transforming the patient experience in hospitals

Insights and news

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The Bipolarity of Artificial Intelligence Usage

How artificial intelligence impacts public security, testing services, and professionals

Application of Technology in the Modernization of the Healthcare Sector

The pursuit of efficiency, precision, and process improvement accelerates the adoption of innovative solutions in the healthcare sector

Tech Trends 2024

Alter Solutions and act digital bring together the eight main technological trends for the upcoming year that will impact your business

Our Clients

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Do you want to transform your company and lead the innovation process? We have the right methods, technologies, and experts to support your business

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