App Update Enhances Functionality, System, and Usability

Modernization designed by act digital to address issues and enhance features for future system integrations


The foundation serving one of the largest pension funds in the country, catering to over 130,000 participants, needed to modernize the app provided to users to update technology, fix issues, and improve functionalities.


Adopting agile methodologies, the act digital team and the institution’s development team collaborated to develop the app’s functionalities, facilitating the migration from the previous to the new system, covering both front end and back end.


The project was executed with maximum efficiency, delivered within timelines and budgets lower than initially estimated. Both the visual aspects and the technology of the app were updated, addressing flaws and facilitating the inclusion of new functionalities.

The use of mobile applications is gaining increasing importance for controlling and managing various resources. This holds true for one of the country’s main pension funds, where the app serves as a means to facilitate plan management for users.

The system plays a crucial role in monitoring finances and retirement planning. Among the app’s main functionalities are easy and quick access to pay stubs, tracking account balances, calculating withdrawal amounts, checking the pension plan’s profitability, and even managing financial services like loans. These features provide beneficiaries with greater control and a clear understanding of how the pension fund is working to ensure their financial future.

However, with constant technological advancements, it’s essential for the app to keep pace with these changes to deliver increasing value to users. Obsolescence became a challenge over time, requiring system improvements in terms of usability. Faced with this challenge, act digital was contracted to modernize the system, ensuring beneficiaries access resources in a simple, agile, and intuitive manner.


Client: Pension Fund and Asset Management

With over 130,000 participants and assets exceeding R$ 110 billion, the institution that hired act digital to update its app is one of the largest pension funds in the country. The group manages over 30 supplementary pension plans, ensuring its beneficiaries the planned financial security over the years. Controlling and managing the accumulated assets guarantee the supplementary income in retirement; hence, accessing information about the plans is crucial for the clients.

An essential resource providing access to basic services and benefit information is the mobile app. Through its app, the institution simplifies data access and offers the transparency that fund participants expect.

Challenge: Modernize the App and Enhance Functionalities

Considering the app an indispensable tool for accessing services and information, the institution identified the need to update the application, aiming to fix issues such as slowdowns and crashes. Additionally, the entity also recognized that modernization is crucial for the system to incorporate new functionalities and continuously improve the offered resources.

Solution: New App Version

The development process for the new app version considered the main issues, such as slowdowns and malfunctions. Addressing these points was a key goal of the solution. Another focus of the project was to modernize the entire system and prepare it for new integrations in subsequent phases.

Presented with the challenge, the act digital team first identified the “as is” and “to be” of the application. This was an important step to understand the improvements that needed to be made, based on the current vision of the system compared to what was expected at the project’s end.

With the “as is/to be” established, our experts worked together with the institution’s development team to redevelop the same app functionalities from its old version. Subsequently, the app was migrated to current technology, with new back end and front end.


Accustomed to operating through agile methodologies, the act digital team established a collaborative work process with the institution’s development team. To ensure efficient and agile co-creation, there was alignment between the teams to correct possible gaps in understanding and speed up project execution and management.

The methodology adopted guaranteed satisfactory results, surpassing the client’s and beneficiaries’ expectations. By the project’s end, it was possible to deliver the agreed scope within reduced timelines and costs compared to the initial estimates.


The resources adopted during the project included:

  • Agile management using the Scrum methodology.
  • Azure DevOps as a management tool.
  • Updating the app’s technology from Angular to React Native.

This way, the team managed to bridge the technological gap in the product.

Results: Renewal and Satisfaction with the New App

The executed project was a success, delivering users a renewed version of the app, with issues fixed and usability enhanced. Besides finishing within the timeline and below the estimated budget, the app had its visuals and technology updated. Operational downtime issues were resolved, and functionalities that were not working became operational again.

One of the project’s merits is that it prepared the app to add new features. Thus, the team can anticipate new phases of tool updates aimed at providing increasing value to its users.

Among the obtained results, highlights include:

  • 30% improvement in system performance in terms of processing speed of functions.
  • Creation of a new design to improve the app’s usability.
  • Systematic flaws from the previous version were corrected.
  • System updated to incorporate new functionalities, including biometric access.
  • Improved security features and data protection.

How We Can Help Your Company

act digital has played a fundamental role in the digital transformation of organizations across various sectors. Our expertise doesn’t limit itself to improving mobile applications, as demonstrated in the presented case, but extends to enhancing any system or resource within the context of digital transformation.

In the financial sector, we have a specialized and multidisciplinary team that is attentive to the sector’s main challenges. Hence, we implement tailor-made solutions based on advanced technologies and innovative processes, seeking maximum agility and efficiency in each delivery.

Focused on promoting the digitization of business models, act digital develops its projects guided by data and following agile methodologies in line with today’s organizational demands. Our service portfolio in the financial area encompasses a wide range of solutions, from developing custom platforms to revitalizing legacy systems, including API and application development, along with resources focused on data intelligence.

Apps and systems for accessing financial services and information require constant updates but rely on a specialized team that can ensure efficiency and security in its projects. Is your company seeking agile, secure digital solutions? Talk to the act digital team.

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