Automaker bank adopts lead management solution

With data architecture and functional tools developed by act digital, the company applies analytical intelligence and improves marketing strategies


Analyse the processes of the dealerships and internal areas of the brand, with the objective of integrating digital lead sources with Salesforce, following the defined requirements and specifications


Application of the developed processes, with integration of the lead base and access to users to guarantee the full functioning of the systems in all the car dealers in Brazil and Argentina


Today, the area has a structured data architecture, contemplating the formatting of processes and the use of analytical tools based on performance indicators (KPIs), with a focus on improving results from better lead management

Specialized in vehicle financing and providing financial solutions related to mobility, the so-called automaker banks are gaining an increasingly significant share of the consumer market. This business front, which combines the performance of automotive manufacturers and the granting of credit, has stood out in relation to commercial bank operations, as it offers conditions that are more in line with customer demands.

The segment in which financial institutions linked to automakers operate is highly competitive. Companies in the field dispute the granting of credit for the purchase of vehicles both with banks from different manufacturers and with retail financial institutions, such as traditional banks. In this environment, there is fierce competition to attract potential buyers (leads), with the aim of converting into sales.

This is the context in which one of act digital’s clients operates. The financial institution of a large automaker needed to improve lead management to further qualify its sales strategies. The challenge faced by the company, when it started the project, was to align processes and integrate the lead base of all the brand’s dealerships in Brazil and Argentina.

Check out how these goals were achieved and learn about the results obtained!


Client: automaker bank

The company that hired act digital for this project is an automaker bank that has been operating in Brazil for more than two decades offering financial solutions to a wide dealership network linked to a group of automotive brands. The focus of the business is the granting of credit for the purchase of zero kilometer and used cars, but the company covers other innovative solutions aimed at mobility, with a wide range of financial products and services.

With worldwide operations carried out in conjunction with a large global bank, the brand needs to continually increase the assertiveness of marketing and sales strategies with potential customers. A precise approach to the consumer, with adequate arguments and competitive credit conditions, is crucial for commercial success in the automotive financing market.

Challenge: improve lead management

The bank’s competitiveness is linked to better lead management. From a well-structured base of customers and potential customers, the institution is able to better understand the profile of consumers to build a long-term relationship and make more customized proposals. This data plays a strategic role in the formulation of commercial actions and subsidizes relevant decisions on new products and services, supporting the brand’s innovation.

However, to make this gear work, the brand needs to structure a set of processes and tools that enable the strategic management of leads generated at different points of interaction with the consumer, as is the case of the thousands of dealerships in operation in Brazil and in Argentina.

In this way, the institution presented act digital with the following challenge: to analyze the internal processes of the dealerships and the internal areas of the brand, with the objective of integrating the digital lead sources with the customer relationship management system (CRM), following the defined requirements and specifications.

Solution: integrate processes and systems

With a focus on enabling the integration of the base of leads generated in the dealership network to a CRM system, act digital conducted the project from end to end, starting with immersion to understand the problems faced and create a functional and effective solution, followed by the development and delivering value at the end of the project.


The method adopted throughout the project to design the solution included:

  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Practices and Agile Model
  • Discovery


In the development process, we implemented the Salesforce CRM software, more in line with the customer’s demands, and applications to enable the integration of data and processes. Technologies used:

  • Salesforce;
  • APIs;

Results: structured data architecture

Intensifying the strategic use of data is the main result expected from a project like this one, which seeks to improve financial and commercial performance through qualified lead management. This was the main delivery of act digital in the project.

Based on the understanding of the internal processes of the car dealers and the business group, the act digital team was able to establish procedures and implement technological tools capable of generating insights and allowing better management of the relationship with customers. Check out all deliveries made in this project!

  • Construction of data architecture in order to favor analytical intelligence
  • Process structuring through the Process Builder tool
  • Implementation of the Salesforce Clients platform
  • Training of employees to use the CRM platform
  • Creation of flowcharts for building new platforms (HProjekt and NEWIK)
  • Salesforce implementation and management for the enterprise
  • Creation of dashboards, KPIs, and reports for related areas

Through the implemented tools and processes, the financial institution will be able to continuously improve lead management, in accordance with its business strategies.

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