Automotive Multinational Adopts Technology Enabling Car Purchase Approval in Seconds

System, validating buyer data and incorporating electronic contract signatures, reduces approval response time from 24 hours to 24 seconds


Promote the digitalization of validation, approval, and contract signing processes in car purchases, eliminating paper and increasing agility and security in information processing.


act digital developed a system that combines biometric validation, integration with databases for information retrieval, and electronic signature. The innovative system automated key steps in the car purchase process.


The implemented system brings increased security due to biometric validation and automation, coupled with record speed in the purchase approval process, reducing response time from 24 hours to 24 seconds.

The digital transformation of the economy demands increasingly agile, secure, and efficient transactions. This reality impacts businesses of all sizes and sectors, with a particular challenge in markets like the automotive industry, where sales operations involve complex validations and analyses. Generally, the purchase of new cars is still excessively bureaucratic and time-consuming.

In an effort to change this scenario, a major automotive multinational has consistently invested in modernizing its processes through digitalization, aiming to automate essential steps, completely eliminate paper usage, expedite information processing, and enhance end-to-end security.

To overcome these challenges, the company enlisted the expertise of act digital, which developed an innovative system by incorporating various features that efficiently automate processes. The solution combines advanced technologies such as biometric validation and electronic signatures, along with effective integration with databases for quick and secure retrieval of buyer information.

The impact was immediate and significant. Besides reinforcing security through biometric validation and automation to mitigate human errors, the system brought greater speed to the purchase approval process. The average response time, previously taking 24 hours, is now only 24 seconds. This advancement represents a transformation in the automotive purchasing experience, elevating the competitiveness of the company.


Client: A Global Reference in Mobility

The project was developed for a multinational leader in the automotive sector. The business group encompasses the most relevant brands in the market and is currently at the forefront of the digital transformation of mobility, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and firm commitments to sustainability.

With industrial operations in over 30 countries and a presence in more than 130 markets, the company stands out globally for its commitment to diversity. The company’s management has invested in this area to strengthen its culture and better understand the demands of new consumers.

Challenge: Eliminate Paper and Bureaucracy Without Compromising Security

The digitization of the new vehicle sales process was the chosen path to solve some of the main challenges faced in the segment, such as:

  • Completely eliminating the use of paper
  • Offering a quick and pleasant buying experience for consumers
  • Reducing risks and human errors in processes
  • Decreasing the purchase approval time
  • Increasing security and agility in buyer data validation.

Solution: End-to-End Automation

Faced with the client’s challenge, the act digital team worked on the complete automation of key processes related to car sales, focusing on:

  • Validation and checking of buyer information
  • Purchase approval
  • Electronic contract signing


In managing the project, the act digital team worked to identify key technology providers for consumer data validation and electronic contract signing. They were responsible for managing all stages of system development, from diagnosis to solution delivery. The main activities included:

  • Impact analysis within the system
  • Review of the entire information flow
  • Communication with technology providers via API
  • Integration with fundamental databases, such as Detran [State Traffic Department] and financial institutions
  • Development of features for data reading in purchase approval and digital contract signing


From project planning to completion, the following technologies were incorporated:

  • Java
  • Postman’s Collection for API organization
  • Proof of Concept (POC) to validate the solutions of both technology providers

Results: Transformation of New Car Sales

By investing in the digitalization of its operations, the multinational is revolutionizing the purchase of new cars. The project developed by act digital contributed to transforming this process by delivering the following results:

  • Inclusion of an electronic signature system for new car purchase contracts, completely eliminating the use of paper
  • Adoption of biometric validation, expediting and enhancing buyer identification security
  • Reduction in purchase approval time, decreased from 24 hours to 24 seconds
  • Increased security in transaction execution

The developed solution aligns with the current scenario, ensuring the company and its customers data protection, as stipulated by the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), and incorporating the security and convenience of open finance protocols.

How We Can Help Your Company

Innovation-leading companies are shaping the future of mobility, and act digital is ready to be a key partner in this transformative journey of the automotive sector. With a dynamic framework and teams comprised of highly qualified digital professionals, we are keeping pace with the evolution of this sector, focusing on offering solutions that combine advanced technologies and agile development methods. Our experts have extensive experience in managing complete projects in the mobility sector, from conceiving innovative solutions to their effective implementation. Current mobility trends under our focus include:

  • Onboard connectivity and entertainment technologies
  • Optimization of production and logistics planning
  • Improvements in safety and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Solutions in electric mobility (E-Mobility)

Our teams are equipped to address all these areas, providing customized solutions that blend speed and efficiency to meet the specific needs of your company.

The purchase of new cars is becoming less bureaucratic and more agile, benefiting consumers with a better experience and maximizing industry results. Want to make a transformative impact on your company? Talk to the act digital team.

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