Dashboard and Automation Improve Demand Management

The team recorded up to a 40% increase in productivity by centralizing the operational control system


The telecommunications operator faced difficulties in controlling and tracking work demands due to the dispersion of requests across various channels and departments. This lack of centralization compromised visibility and operational efficiency.


act digital developed a solution that centralized all demands into a single tool, creating operational dashboards and automating the work order generation process. This provided operators with an integrated view of all tasks and improved activity management.


The implementation of the solution resulted in efficient control of demands, with efficiency gains of up to 40% in automated activities. The operational dashboards facilitated decision-making and improved monitoring of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The constant evolution of digital technologies poses significant challenges for telecommunications companies, which need to continuously innovate to maintain operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. In this context, process automation and centralization become essential to handle the growing demand and complexity of operations.

act digital was contracted by one of the leading telecommunications operators in Brazil to develop a solution that centralized and automated the control of work demands. This initiative aimed to optimize task management, improve operational visibility, and increase team productivity. With the creation of operational dashboards and the implementation of automation technologies, the operator was able to overcome the challenges of request dispersion, achieving significant results.

Continue reading to learn all the details of this success story and understand how act digital helped transform the demand management of a telecommunications operator, promoting efficiency and productivity gains.

Pioneer in digital transformation and innovation in telecommunications

The company that hired act digital for the development of operational dashboards is a telecommunications company operating across Brazil. Recognized for leading significant movements in the market since its inception in Brazil, the company stands out for its focus on innovation, customer experience, and agility.

A pioneer in activating 5G networks in the country, the operator has maintained leadership in 4G coverage since 2015, even connecting rural areas and driving innovation in agribusiness. The company is at the forefront of digital transformation, driving society with its advanced technological solutions.

The company values diversity and promotes an inclusive culture, fostering a respectful work environment. Committed to best environmental, social, and governance practices, it integrates important indices of the Brazilian stock market, such as the S&P/B3 Brazil ESG, the Efficient Carbon Index (ICO2), and the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE).

Challenge: control and tracking of work demands

The telecommunications operator faced a significant challenge related to controlling and tracking work demands. The necessary activities were requested diffusely, originating from various departments and sent through multiple channels, such as internal systems and emails.

The lack of centralization and clarity in requests led to difficulties in establishing efficient work routines and monitoring the progress of each demand. This scenario caused delays in task execution, compromising productivity and the company’s responsiveness. The need for a solution that provided an integrated view and facilitated demand management became imperative to optimize internal processes and improve operational efficiency.

Solution: creation of operational dashboards

To address the challenge of controlling and tracking work demands, act digital developed a solution that centralizes all demands, making management more efficient. This project aimed to provide operators with an integrated view of tasks, facilitating monitoring and distribution of activities.

Methodology used

The implementation began with a survey of the tools used by the client for demand activities. The need to control and track work orders in a unified manner was identified. act digital then collaborated with the client’s Information Technology (IT) team to develop automation that integrated these tools into a centralized system. Therefore, data from various platforms was consolidated into the PIPE system.

Technologies used

The automation development involved the use of the following technologies:

  • MySQL: For the database, storing and managing all demand-related information;

  • AutoIt: To automate data collection from different systems;

  • PHP: For processing logic and integration between tools;

  • XAMPP: As a development environment to ensure interoperability of implemented solutions.

Results: more efficient processes

The solution delivery allowed efficient control of all demands received for treatment. Operational dashboards were created with SLA visibility, identification of major offenders, productivity monitoring, and presentation of strategic data that facilitates decision-making.

Process automation brought significant efficiency gains. Previously, the operator had to analyze the demand and access a specific system to create the work order. With the new automated solution, the operator triages, while the order generation is automatically performed by a robot. This change resulted in an efficiency increase of up to 40% in this activity.

Key achievements

  • Integrated SLA View: Facilitating demand monitoring and management and enabling a faster and more efficient response;

  • Identification of Major Offenders: Offenders are the main causes of delays or failures in the process. Identification allows quick and effective corrective actions, reducing interruptions;

  • Increased Productivity: With automation, operators can focus on higher-value tasks, resulting in an efficiency gain of up to 40%;

  • Selection of Strategic Data: Supporting decision-making with precise and updated information, allowing more informed and proactive management.

How we can help your company

Digital technologies are transforming the operations of telecommunications companies, especially in controlling and tracking work demands. Centralizing and automating these tasks, as demonstrated in the telecommunications operator’s case, can significantly increase operational efficiency.

At act digital, we have specialized teams that understand each client’s specific challenges. We develop tailor-made solutions to integrate, automate, and optimize processes, providing more effective management and strategic data for decision-making.

Our expertise includes implementing technologies such as process automation, which centralizes demands and increases productivity. We work collaboratively with our clients’ teams to ensure that all necessary tools are integrated efficiently. With our experience, we help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide accurate information for management.

The continuous evolution in the telecommunications sector demands solutions that keep pace with rapid technological changes. If you are looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your processes, talk to our specialists!

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