Dashboard of Workflows Benefits Management and Operations

A system for monitoring tasks automatically updates activity statuses, reducing inefficiencies throughout processes


The telecommunications company was struggling to monitor end-to-end workflows. It lacked visibility into completed tasks and required monthly control reports, which consumed considerable time to gather information and create tracking spreadsheets, taking up to four days each month for these processes.


To address this challenge, the team at act digital developed a tool that automated the information system, ensuring up-to-date task monitoring. Through the created dashboard, the company can identify all stages of the processes and, thus, understand where inefficiencies in the workflows are concentrated.


The system enabled the team to eliminate the time dedicated to preparing monthly reports, reporting deliveries (previously done manually via email), and manually organizing and validating work schedules. As a result, the team saved four days per month that were previously spent solely on control activities. Moreover, the solution positively impacted the continuous improvement of processes by allowing managers to have comprehensive visibility of workflows.

In today’s competitive landscape, operational efficiency and process visibility are crucial to business success. These aspects ensure that activities are structured according to business strategies, focusing on achieving results. Otherwise, there is a potential for rework and production delays, which can compromise managerial decision-making.

To avoid these issues, a leading telecommunications company in Brazil recognized the need to improve workflow control. The lack of a centralized and automated system hindered the efficient monitoring of deadlines, productivity, and the identification of operational bottlenecks.

The goal was to optimize activity visibility, improving workflow management and strategic decision-making capabilities. The partnership with act digital provided the solution to this challenge, resulting in the creation of an automated dashboard that transformed the way the company manages its daily operations.

The act digital team developed the tool with a focus on eliminating manual processes and reducing the time spent on administrative tasks related to obtaining, processing, and presenting information about completed activities. The system improved the operational efficiency of the teams, saving four days per month. Discover the details of this success story.


Client: Digital Transformation and Leadership in Brazilian Telecommunications

The company is one of Brazil’s most innovative telecommunications operators. It leads in 4G coverage and has been prominent in evolving towards 5G systems, with consistent investments in its fiber optic infrastructure. Currently, it serves over 60 million mobile network customers.

Focused on innovation, customer experience, and agility, the company bases its operations on a culture of responsibility and digital transformation. It is committed to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, integrating significant indices of the Brazilian stock exchange, such as the S&P/B3 Brazil ESG, the Efficient Carbon Index (ICO2), and the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE). With approximately 10,000 employees and outsourced teams, particularly in critical sectors like Information Technology (IT), managing a complex operation with a large workforce requires maximum visibility into processes for continuous optimization.

Challenge: Lack of Visibility and Workflow Tracking

The company faced difficulties due to the lack of visibility into team tasks, compromising workflow tracking and organization. The absence of a centralized and automated system hindered efficient monitoring of delivery deadlines, team productivity, and identifying issues impacting activities.

Without an adequate dashboard, the company relied on manual and decentralized methods to track daily operations. This approach made reporting processes slow and error-prone, resulting in lack of clarity and delays in obtaining essential information for decision-making.

Management teams struggled to obtain a clear and updated view of project progress, negatively affecting the ability to respond quickly to problems and ensure operational efficiency. For teams, this context required significant time dedication to organize, process, and report work information, consuming up to four days per month.

Solution: Automated Dashboard for Workflow Monitoring

To address visibility and activity tracking challenges, the project team created an automated dashboard. The system allows managers to monitor the progress of all tasks, quickly identifying each task’s status.

The solution was developed with automatic updates every three hours, ensuring that information is recent. The dashboard displays task executors, requesters, and served areas. Additionally, a scheduled process generates automatic reports on reasons impacting deadlines and shares schedules with involved areas.

Technologies and Methodologies Used

The implementation of the automated dashboard brought numerous benefits to the company, including increased activity visibility, better deadline tracking, and greater efficiency in identifying and resolving issues. The solution facilitates project management, improves team communication, and provides a solid foundation for strategic decision-making.

Excel and Power Automate

The initial database was created in Excel. The project team used Power Automate to automatically upload this database whenever an update is generated, ensuring that data is always current and available for processing.

Drive and BigQuery (GCP)

The updated file is stored in a drive, where BigQuery (Google Cloud Platform) accesses the database through a scheduled process. In BigQuery, necessary data treatments are performed to prepare the data for the final report.

Looker Studio

Looker Studio was used as the visualization tool and employed in creating an interactive and visually appealing dashboard to present all information as requested by managers. Looker Studio integrates all treated data, providing a clear and detailed view of performance and workflows.

Results: Automated and Efficient Control System

The implementation of the automated workflow monitoring dashboard brought significant transformation to the company’s operational efficiency. With the new solution, several manual processes were eliminated, resulting in time savings and increased productivity. The project aimed to improve activity visibility, optimize communication, and reduce manual workload.

Results Achieved with the Automated Dashboard

The implementation of the automated dashboard provided several benefits that positively impacted the company’s operations.

Elimination of Time for Monthly Report Generation

The automation process completely eliminated the time required for monthly report generation. Previously, this process was manual and took at least a full day to complete.

Elimination of Delivery Reporting via Email

The new system eliminated the need to manually send delivery reports via email. Now, reports are generated and shared automatically, ensuring all stakeholders have access to updated information without delays.

Automation of Schedule Validator Sending

The manual process of sending the schedule validator was replaced by an automated system that generates a clear and detailed visualization. This facilitates client schedule approval, as they now receive all necessary information in an organized and accessible manner.

Automatic Schedule Programming

Automation included scheduling schedules through a scheduled process that sends updates directly to Looker Studio. Users can manipulate information as needed and have access to a PDF version, eliminating the need for manual submissions.

Gained 4 Days per Month

With the complete report automation, the team saved at least one day per week, resulting in a total gain of four days per month. Now, this time can be directed towards other strategic activities, increasing team efficiency and productivity.

How We Can Help Your Company

act digital is transforming the reality of companies across various sectors worldwide. This impact stems from the effective combination of advanced technologies with agile methodologies, facilitating the rapid transition of business models into the digital context. We have a team of professionals specialized in the telecommunications sector capable of envisioning opportunities and challenges in the industry, providing the appropriate response for each scenario.

Whether through the development of automated dashboards, data management systems, or other technological solutions, act digital is ready to transform your company and improve the efficiency of your processes. We create customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.

The workflow dashboard streamlines processes and benefits strategic decision-making. Want to gain efficiency and improve your team’s productivity? Get in touch with our specialists!

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