Innovation in the Tariff System Benefits Financial Cooperatives

Developed and implemented by act digital, the new tariff system improved efficiency and transparency in operations within the financial cooperative system


With the challenge of modernizing its tariff system to efficiently meet the needs of its cooperatives, one of Brazil’s most significant financial institutions aimed to manage tariffs with greater precision, transparency, and adaptability to changes in the financial market.


The solution developed by act digital involved collaboration between product owners and analysts from the financial institution who worked together with the act digital team to develop the new tariff system. Utilizing technologies like EJB 3.0, Angular 11, REST APIs, Java 8, and DB2, and adopting an agile methodology, the team created a flexible application, efficiently meeting project objectives


The implementation of the new system improved tariff management, enhancing operational efficiency and reinforcing transparency with the cooperatives. Through this new feature, the institution can promote future system evolutions, adapting to new market demands.


In the financial market, characterized by volatility and stringent regulatory requirements, the tariff system is a strategic issue related to competitiveness. This resource needs to be adaptable and flexible to accommodate the system’s dynamics. For institutions operating nationally, this resource is even more critical to standardize information and commercial practices.

For one of Brazil’s most significant financial institutions, this was a challenge to be overcome through technology. The group hired act digital to plan and update its tariff system, enhancing its management and application.

With the project’s completion, the institution achieved greater efficiency and precision in its processes, strengthening its ability to innovate and adapt to emerging market needs

Client: Financial Cooperative System Present Throughout the Country

Among Brazil’s major financial institutions, the group operates in more than 2,300 municipalities, working through hundreds of cooperatives. The entity’s strength lies in its extensive service network and the diversity of services offered. With over 4,500 service points and thousands of ATMs spread across the country, it provides accessibility and convenience to its members. Moreover, the institution stands out through digital channels that ease access to its portfolio of financial products and services.

Challenge: Development and Implementation of a New Tariff System

The primary challenge faced by the financial institution in this project was building a new tariff system from scratch. Technological upgrading aligns with the demands of the cooperatives within the group, requiring greater efficiency and competitiveness to continue satisfying thousands of people with accessible products and services.

To implement the new tariff system, the act digital team needed to focus on essential project aspects, covering architecture and system design to compliance-related issues.

Solution: Integrated Tariff System

The act digital development team collaborated with the product owner and analysts from the financial institution. The project was approached with a comprehensive development perspective, from initial planning to implementation.


Agile methodology was employed for system development, ensuring flexibility and adaptability throughout the project. This allowed the incorporation of feedback and adjustments throughout the process. Agility was also crucial to manage project complexity, ensuring effectiveness and quality in the final delivery.


The technologies used in developing the new tariff system were chosen to ensure the best performance, security, and scalability. The combination of EJB 3.0, Angular 11, REST APIs, Java 8, and DB2 provided an advanced technological solution capable of meeting the complex needs of the financial institution and its cooperatives. The institution’s deployment structure and GIT were crucial in managing the development process, guaranteeing project integrity and efficiency.

Results: Transformation and Modernization of the Tariff System

- Improved Tariff Management: The new tariff system provided more effective and transparent tariff management for all cooperatives. With an intuitive interface and advanced analysis tools, cooperatives now have greater visibility and control over their rates, facilitating informed financial decision-making.

- Increased Operational Efficiency: The centralization of the tariff system resulted in a significant improvement in operational efficiency. Manual and redundant processes were eliminated, allowing faster and more accurate execution of tariff transactions. This reduced the time and resources needed to manage daily financial operations, freeing up staff to focus on higher value-added activities.

- Financial Centralization: With the successful implementation of the new tariff system, the financial institution achieved financial centralization essential for the cohesion and success of the group of cooperatives. Now, all fare transactions are processed centrally, ensuring consistency and compliance across the organization. This simplifies financial accounting and reporting, enabling better financial analysis and planning at an institutional level.

- Progressive Adoption: Currently, the tariff system is already in use by approximately 30% of the institution's total cooperative staff, demonstrating progressive adoption and a positive response from users. As more cooperatives adopt the new system, the benefits of modernization expand, further boosting the efficiency and financial performance of the group as a whole.

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Technology and digital transformation facilitate operations for financial institutions operating in broad markets like Brazil. Through innovative resources, these groups can gain competitiveness. The tariff system in this case is an example of development that enhances results for companies in the sector. Reach out to the act digital team and advance in the digital transformation of your business.

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