Insurance company modernizes operations with Business Intelligence

Indicators and analytical systems, which support decision-making, were structured by act digital


Establish a data-driven management model, defining performance indicators and using analytical intelligence in decision-making


Map the behavior of managers and professionals to establish indicators and create the analytical dashboard


Data traceability in a 360-degree view and use of indicators strategically applied to the company’s management and operations

Data-driven decisions are more strategic, agile, and objective, reducing risks for any business. But establishing a data-driven management model requires more than technology — it is necessary to structure resources, indicators, and practices aligned with the demands of the company and its managers and professionals. That’s what act digital did when structuring business intelligence (BI) processes and tools for a large Brazilian insurance company.

The solution was developed in a customized way, according to the project objectives and considering the profile of the organization, its managers, and professionals. The act digital team established performance indicators and created an analytical dashboard, covering technologies such as Google Cloud Platform, Power BI, Tableau, and BigQuery.

BI processes and tools impacted the organization, which today is able to analyze a wide range of data, in addition to using KPIs strategically to support decision-making and management as a whole.


Client: century-old insurance company

The company that hired act digital to set up business intelligence tools and processes is one of the largest insurance companies in the country. With more than 120 years of history, the company has a complete portfolio of products aimed at health and protection, covering the areas of health, dentistry, life, pension plans, and investments.

With a customer base of more than seven million people and complex operations to be managed on a daily basis, the institution’s directors are constantly demanded in relation to the management and sustainability of the business model. Incorporating performance indicators aligned with the needs of managers and adopting the efficient use of analytical intelligence are key actions for the group to maintain the relevant position it occupies in the market.

Challenge: establish a data-driven culture

Century-old companies have consolidated a business model capable of generating value over time, surviving crises and market changes over this period. In the current context, these companies face a more complex scenario, marked by accelerated digital transformation, which requires more agile and data-driven management.

Establishing a data-driven culture facilitates management, ensuring more precision to a series of definitions that need to be made on a daily basis, from everyday processes to the formulation of new business models. However, structuring the bases to use business intelligence strategies effectively is a challenge, as it requires the adoption of appropriate metrics and tools to address the organization’s needs in a functional and practical way.

In an attempt to overcome this difficulty, the insurance company sought the support of act digital. The challenge presented was the creation of indicators in order to support decision-making.


Solution: structure the analytical system

Data-driven management depends on well-structured processes and tools to enable their analysis on a daily basis. That is, the efficiency of the solution is determined by identifying the resources with the user profile. Therefore, the project conducted by act digital included the following objectives:

  • Map the behavior of managers and internal physicians
  • Define and generate KPIs
  • Structure analytical dashboards

With access to these resources, managers can use data to support decision-making and the creation of new business models.


In the development of this project, act digital adopted a set of actions to obtain insights and cross qualitative and quantitative data with the objective of building the strategic and performance vision. In this process, we applied the following methodologies:

  • Design Thinking
  • User Research
  • Product Discovery


From the strategic and performance definitions, the act digital team developed the best solution to structure business intelligence resources in the company. The tools implemented include the following technologies:

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • BigQuery

Results: management based on indicators

The solution developed by act digitalhelped the company to reformulate its management and operational processes. Through analytical intelligence tools, insurance company managers and professionals are able to perform data traceability in a 360-degree view; i.e., it is possible to access and cross-reference information quickly and accurately, a resource that results in agility and efficiency in the execution of all the processes.

The use of indicators, defined in accordance with the company’s strategic planning, brought more objectivity to the assessment of business and professional results. As a result, the group created a new professional compensation model, which is no longer a fee for service (aligned with the service performed), and is now linked to performance.

How we can help your company

The use of analytical intelligence is a fundamental need for companies that operate in the insurance market, but generating value from data is still a challenge in the segment. act digital understands this pain, so it develops customized solutions that are functional, efficient, and strategic, according to the business model and culture of each company.

We have multidisciplinary teams made up of specialized professionals who, in partnership with our clients, create the best digital experience for each project. Based on collaboration, we make innovation happen, with agility, precision, and state-of-the-art technologies.

We drive digital transformation in the insurance market, with tools that exploit the full potential of IoT, machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and strategic data management.

Analytical intelligence favors the creation of predictive models and generates value for insurance companies that are remodeling their businesses with a focus on the new digital economy. We can help your company grow in this segment. Talk to our team.

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