Integrated digital experience with connected car

Solution developed by act digital promotes integration between mobile devices and automotive controls


Improve the experience for drivers and passengers through integration between mobile devices and automotive controls.


act digital has developed a mobile application that allows the user to remotely access the main functionalities of the vehicle.


The application developed for Android and iOS systems provides a completely integrated digital experience, ensuring practicality, comfort, and safety for drivers and passengers.

The future of mobility is marked by the increasing integration between technological devices. Managing automotive commands from a smartphone or smartwatch is already a reality for customers of one of the largest automakers in the world. In Brazil, the company hired act digital to develop the mobility application (connected car) that allows the driver to access vehicle functions and services provided by the automaker.

The integration of features that can be managed by the app promotes a unique mobility experience for drivers and passengers. Through the application, it is possible to check and adjust the conditions of the car, remotely and simply. Lighting, air conditioning, energy consumption for electric cars, and GPS coordinates are some of the functions available.


Challenge: promote the digital experience

The company’s advanced digital transformation process also assumes the evolution of the driver’s and passengers’ experience through technological resources capable of integrating personal devices into the car’s functions. Resource connectivity enhances user comfort and safety, strengthening their interaction with the brand. However, it requires the development of a tailored solution, capable of meeting specific technical requirements.

When starting the project, the brand’s objectives were:

  • Improve the customer experience;
  • Integrate mobile devices into vehicle controls;
  • Offer maximum comfort and convenience to the driver and passengers; and
  • Enable continuous evolution in integration with car controls.

Solution: a connected car

The solution was developed to offer maximum comfort and convenience to the driver and passengers on a continuous basis, with integration of all vehicle controls.

In partnership with the client, act digital co-created a new experience for the user and, in an agile way, developed the application that connects mobile devices to the vehicle’s functionalities. Thus, the platform was structured to gain scale and allow continuous increments, as required by the project.

How does the solution work?

The application allows the passenger to adjust, from his or her smartphone or smartwatch, options for interior lighting, seat position control, heating, and massage, in addition to opening the sunroof and GPS functions. Check out below the technologies applied in the development of the solution.

  • Native Mobile Application for Android (Kotlin) and iOS (Swift)
  • API Development in .NET Core in Azure Cloud Environment

Result: integrated experience

The solution developed by act digital met the requirements established by the company, delivering a mobile application integrated into the vehicle, which guarantees more practicality, comfort, and safety for the user.

The connected car app ensures the following benefits for drivers and passengers:

  • Fully integrated digital experience
  • Immediate connection to the car’s main functionalities
  • Remote access to the car’s main controls
  • Control and adjustments of GPS functions

For the automaker, the project strengthened the relationship between customers and the brand. With the structured platform, the company has an additional gain: the possibility of developing continuous improvements in the mobile application so that it is always in line with the technological advances in the market.

How we can help your company

The mobility of the future is being built today by the most innovative companies in the segment. And all of them can count on act digital to advance even further in the innovation process. Our framework is agile and our squads are made up of the best talent in the digital universe.

We have experts in digital transformation for the mobility segment, with expertise in managing specific projects in the sector, from end to end, from the creation of solutions to implementation.

Currently, the main demands on mobility cover issues involving:

  • Connection and Infotainment
  • Production and Logistics Planning
  • Security and ADAS
  • e-Mobility

Our squads are prepared to act on all these fronts, developing customized projects with the agility and efficiency that your company is looking for.

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