Multinational Adopts Cloud Data Lake, Enhances Data Efficiency

Migration Led by act digital Transforms Company’s Data Access and Analysis


With a growing volume of information scattered across various systems — spreadsheets, APIs, SAP, and databases — the company sought a solution enabling all employees to access these data efficiently from a centralized point.


Facing this challenge, the act digital team engaged in the project from planning to execution, aiming to create a cloud-based data lake structured into three main areas: RAW, CLEAN, and EVALUATED. All dispersed data from other systems migrated to this new centralized repository.


The migration to the cloud data lake ensured swift and scalable data access for the multinational’s employees, primarily through Power BI dashboards. Centralizing information boosted operational efficiency and enhanced strategic decision-making processes.

Digital transformation and the increasing significance of data as a strategic tool drive substantial advancements in corporate markets concerning the efficient utilization of vast information that companies must manage. In this context, a construction sector multinational identified the need to enhance scalability and agility in its processes by centralizing its data within a cloud data lake, a project developed in partnership with act digital.

A cloud-hosted data lake offers scale and flexibility to companies, easing data analysis. The corporate group’s challenge wasn’t just about collecting and storing information from diverse sources but also about transforming this data into relevant insights, contributing to decision-making processes.

Investing in this solution, the multinational revamped its data management, making data available for internal access from a centralized repository. By integrating information bases, the company gained a 360° view of its operations, benefiting key business areas. While the migration process was complex, the act digital team systematically executed it, focusing on mitigating risks and challenges. Once completed, the change adapted the group to current market demands, proactively positioning it for future trends.

Client: Global Leader in Construction

With over 350 years of history, the company operates in lightweight construction and sustainability markets, serving various sectors including industry, construction, and mobility. It stands as a global leader in the sector, boasting a diversified portfolio of products and services.

Operating in 76 countries with over 165,000 employees, the company started its activities in Brazil in the 1930s, consistently fostering a growth trajectory. Its structure encompasses dozens of factories, distribution centers, stores, alongside research and innovation departments.

Challenge: Cloud Data Centralization

The company’s primary challenge was a comprehensive migration of all client-generated data to a cloud data lake, aiming to centralize information accessible to the entire company, especially in commercial, sustainability, credit, and billing departments.

The project’s complexity lay in migrating while ensuring data integrity, security, and privacy throughout the integration process. As a centralized repository, the cloud data lake had to offer performance compatible with data volume, with scalability to accommodate future growth. Optimizing performance for quick data access and analysis was also a key project requirement.

Solution: Cloud Data Lake Development for Data Centralization

To tackle the data migration challenge to a cloud data lake, the act digital team worked on data ingestion, organization, and optimization from diverse sources like spreadsheets, APIs, SAP systems, and databases, resulting in a structured and efficient data lake.


The process began with data ingestion into the cloud data lake. The team employed advanced information orchestration techniques, organizing data into three distinct areas within the new repository:

  • RAW, for raw data
  • CLEAN, for cleansed data
  • EVALUATED, for processed data aligned with the company’s business rules

This structuring not only stored data but also transformed it into a more accessible and useful format for end-users.


Technologies contributing to successful implementation included:

  • Snowflake: cloud-based data warehouse for building the framework with all data flows
  • Azure: containers and data flows integrating with Snowflake
  • Databricks: used in Azure integration and creating data flows with Python notebooks

Results: Efficiency and Scalability with Cloud Data Lake

Implementing the cloud data lake optimized costs and delivered a range of benefits transforming how the company manages and uses its data.

  • Accessibility

Migration to the cloud data lake enabled all company employees to access data swiftly and at scale. This was notably visible in the usage of Power BI dashboards, providing efficient and integrated information visualization, facilitating analysis and decision-making.

  • Centralization

Integrating all company data into a single repository was another achieved benefit. Previously fragmented and hard-to-access, information is now organized and available in a central point, enhancing information management efficiency.

  • Business Analysis and Intelligence

With centralized and easily accessible data, there was a significant improvement in business analysis and intelligence capabilities. Employees can now derive insights for data-driven decision-making.

How We Can Help Your Company

In today’s dynamic business world, agility, innovation, and achieving results are directly tied to the capability to efficiently process vast data volumes. Understanding the need for digital transformation across various sectors, our approach is to provide solutions not only meeting current needs but also positioning companies to overcome future challenges.

Our team comprises experienced experts in assisting companies facing similar challenges of migrating to cloud data lakes, ensuring a safe, efficient, and innovative digital transition. Through customized solutions for each client, we focus on specific demands, leveraging results to be achieved. See how we can assist your company!

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- Digital Architecture, Modernization, and Platforms: Delivering scalable solutions focusing on microservices, APIs, Cloud, and software development.

- Development and Quality: Creating web, mobile, APIs, and integrations solutions using agile methodologies and conducting automated tests.

- Data and Analysis: Supporting in the journey of implementing data capture, storage, centralization, visualization, and analysis systems.

Cloud Adoption and DevSecOps Culture: Assisting in defining strategies for Cloud adoption and implementing a DevSecOps culture. -Cybersecurity: Enhancing corporate cybersecurity to safeguard systems and information, offering prevention, detection, and incident response services.

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We are geared for the future, combining agile methods with innovative technology implementation to drive businesses toward their desired business outcomes.

Data management is strategic for companies across all sectors and sizes. As information generation and usage advance in the corporate sphere, efficient management structures like the cloud data lake become crucial. We can assist your company in this transition. Talk to the act digital team.

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