Pix System: act digital solution reduces incidents

Financial institution gains agility and decreases response time


Assume the support of systems linked to Pix transactions to reduce the number of incidents reported and the service and response time to calls.


Change management and adoption of technologies to establish good operating practices, reduce occurrences, and speed up response time.


Reduction of more than 60% of monthly calls with SLA going from seven days, on average, to one day, without accumulation of calls for the following month.

The Pix system, officially launched in November 2020, quickly fell in love with Brazilians. Total monthly transactions exceeded more than BRL 2 billion per month and moved around BRL 1 trillion in 2022.

The meteoric success was due to a number of factors, such as the practicality that the consumer was looking for and the need for an efficient contactless payment system. This allowed companies to continue making their sales, even from a distance.

In this context, companies in the financial sector began to offer the Pix system to attract more and more customers. But what to do when the solution brings hundreds of monthly calls to your service team?

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Client: payment specialist

A Brazilian financial services company, which acts as one of the main responsible for the capture, transmission, and financial settlement of purchases with credit and debit cards in the country, saw the need to facilitate its transactions with agility and security through the Pix system and also through other modalities. Like every launch, the new payment method offered by the financial company raised questions, which were answered through blog articles and FAQs. However, in the day-to-day operations, it is common for other challenges to arise and other solutions to be required.

Challenge: reduce incidents and response time

When a solution is released to make people’s lives easier, that’s exactly what we expect from it, right?

However, by offering the Pix solution, the customer began to face a large number of incidents reported to its service team. This generated many monthly open tickets and a response SLA of 6 to 7 business days. Some cases even exceeded 30 days of waiting to be resolved.

This situation, of course, generates enormous dissatisfaction on the part of customers and even a breach of trust, an essential element for the relationship with a company in the financial sector.

The challenge, then, was to support the systems linked to Pix transactions in order to reduce the number of reported incidents and the service and response time to calls.

Solution: transaction management and technology via Pix

act digital took action to understand, together with the client, what were the points of attention in the process, the challenges to be overcome, and the expected results.

The first step was to identify the bottlenecks in the service process through the ITIL methodology, which is a set of good operational practices that can be applied in the IT management of a company.

The methodology was applied to incidents, always using integrated follow-up systems, monitoring of systemic activities, improvements, and mapping of root causes.

The objective is to identify the exact point in the process at which it was necessary to activate the corrections, in addition to accompanying the Change Management (GMud) for updating and validating systems.

Technology Used

Although the methodology is primarily responsible for solving the challenges of this customer in the financial sector, the technology used was also fundamental in this process. To help teams store, organize, and work with the large amount of data received, technologies such as JAVA (microservices), SQL/Oracle Database, and the use of the AWS public cloud were essential.


Results: agile and efficient service

By employing the solutions highlighted above, the client identified a reduction of more than 60% in opening monthly tickets, in addition to a reduction in the response SLA from six to seven days to a one-day SLA, with no backlog of calls for the month later.

An extremely positive result, not only for the client, but mainly for its own clients. The improvement in the quality of service increases trust and improves the relationship between the company and the consumer.

How we can help your company

act digital works with a differentiated structure, designed to impact companies in three dimensions: digital strategy, development, and evolution. We have a multidisciplinary team to meet the demands of our clients in an agile and precise manner. That is, the solutions start from the core challenges related to the business, go through the design of the processes, until concluding the delivery of a continuous growth model.

Our expertise in innovation, agility, and technology mastery ensures financial institutions a large-scale digital migration with security and integrity. Financial segment customers benefit from our efficient data management, which optimizes business activities.

Part of our work is to enable these financial institutions to serve the most varied digital channels, always through new operating models and end-to-end solutions. Check out some of our financial services!

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