RPA generates efficiency over 600 hours per month

Telephone operator adopted solution developed by act digital to institute robotic process automation


Improve efficiency in managing Operational Expenditure (OpEx) with leased services.


Structure the robotic automation of processes to improve efficiency in the sector and reduce costs with operational and repetitive activities.


With the implementation of RPA, the company eliminated more than 600 hours of operational processing and improved control and management mechanisms in the area.

The efficient management of operational expenditure (OpEx) is an indispensable measure for companies that seek to optimize resources and enhance financial results. The processes of capturing invoices and processing purchase orders are routine and repetitive, but when performed manually, they can become inefficient, as they require a lot of time and are more subject to errors.

A technological solution capable of solving this problem is robotic process automation (RPA). It was the resource that act digital developed for one of the largest telephone operators in Brazil. With the solution in place, the company eliminated more than 600 hours a month dedicated to managing OpEx related to leased services alone. In addition to increasing the company’s operational efficiency, the solution improved the purchase order control and management system. Find out how we generate this impact!


Client: telephone operator

With almost 25 years of experience in the Brazilian market, the telephone operator that hired act digital for this project is one of the most innovative in the segment, with outstanding performance in the implementation of 5G technology for the mobile network and leadership in 4G coverage in Brazil. The company’s operations include the provision of telecommunication, mobile telephony, fixed-line telephony, and fixed broadband services.

Operational efficiency is a constant need to ensure financial results in line with the expectations of the company, the market, and investors. Among the resources adopted to make operations viable and optimize cash flow, the company opts for the leasing of services. However, this front generates operational expenditure (OpEx), which needs to be managed with automated and precise controls.

Challenge: increase operational efficiency

The demand presented by the company is related to OpEx management for leased services, which needed to improve operational efficiency in the execution of management, control, and processing activities.

As the area performs repetitive processes, the time dedicated to functions represents a cost and does not generate added value for the company. Among the processes carried out monthly is the assessment of hundreds of invoices issued by different suppliers and the management of numerous purchase orders, including calculation and balance reconciliation.

Solution: automated OpEx management

act digital solved the challenge faced by the company by implementing automation and providing efficiency to the operational and repetitive processes of OpEx management for leased services, without the need to carry out integrations of existing applications.​

Applied Methodology

In carrying out this project, the act digital team applied a plan divided into three sets of main actions. Check it out!

  • Structuring of the work model and creation of artifacts to support automation management
  • As-Is mapping, prioritization, and functional specification of processes to be automated by RPA
  • Robot programming, process automation, continuous improvement analysis, and activity monitoring

Applied Technology

  • RPA
  • OpenIT

Results: efficient operation and control

The implementation of robotic process automation in OpEx management for leased services improved the company’s operational and control processes, eliminating time dedicated to repetitive activities and facilitating managerial control over suppliers, purchase orders, balances, and other requests. Check out the results achieved by the project!

  • 11 structured RPAs involving 4 systems
  • Download of approximately 278 monthly notes from vendor websites
  • Efficiency generated by robots greater than 600 hours per month
  • Reduction of human errors
  • Balance tracking of purchase order items in SAP
  • Control of approval authority and change of status of requisitions and purchase orders in SAP

The benefits generated by robotic automation are immediate — after implementation, the solution starts to promote efficiency gains every month, on an ongoing basis. In the long term, the impact on reducing costs and errors is even greater.

How we can help your company Operational efficiency through RPA technology is just one of the solutions that act digital develops for companies that operate in the telecommunications and media segment. Our specialized teams are ready to conduct innovation and digital transformation processes in an agile and efficient way.

In the telecommunications and media segment, we work to generate effective results on different fronts, such as:

  • Development of Digital Journeys
  • Streaming Strategies
  • Omnichannel Culture
  • Process and Data Security
  • API and Applications

Regarding operation and management, we promote the use of data and analytical intelligence to qualify our clients’ business models, guaranteeing integrity, efficiency, and high performance.

From robotic automation of processes to the formatting of new business models, we can collaborate with the evolution of your company. Talk to our experts.

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