Telephone operator generates value with solution for premium customers

Project developed by act digital unified operational areas to arrange an exclusive service unit, ensuring agility and efficiency in the provision of B2B services


Servicing customers with contracts for specific services, covering both mobile and fixed networks, became a challenge for one of the country's largest telephone operators. The existing operation, supported by different areas, was not sufficient to meet the demand of large contracting companies with the expected agility and efficiency, causing dissatisfaction and an Average Response Time (ART) incompatible with the needs of these high value-added customers.


The appropriate response to the problem involved structuring a service center exclusively for premium clients (generally large companies with high demand for telecommunications services that directly impact their business). This area was set up by a team from act digital, which mapped out and optimized processes, provided specialized technical training for service professionals, developed its own tools for follow-up, and adopted direct communication channels with end customers.


The sector dedicated to serve premium customers enabled the telephony operator to achieve significant results, such as a 33% reduction in ART on the fixed network, and around 80% on the mobile network. There was also a 30% increase in the availability (provision) of telecommunications services, demonstrating the effectiveness of the measures adopted to resolve customer demands.

In the telecommunications sector, marked by fierce competition and continuous demand for innovation and quality, the ability to offer a differentiated service to high-value customers is a key strategic differentiator. Telephony and Internet resources are critical for large corporations in a wide variety of markets, such as aviation, financial and energy sectors, among others. Availability (provision of contracted services) is therefore a crucial factor, as is agility and effectiveness in resolving problems.

In this challenging context, one of Brazil's largest telephone operators identified that its operations centers (divided between mobile and fixed network services) were unable to provide the response required to meet the demands of large B2B clients. The fragmentation of service and the consequent slowness of processes resulted in dissatisfaction, and an Average Response Time (ART) that did not meet the urgency of premium customers. This situation led to a review and restructuring of the service and technical support methods, a project that was led by a specialized team from act digital.

The proposed solution aimed at creating an exclusive service hub, which would not only centralize and streamline support processes, but also guarantee a highly personalized experience for these large corporations. The approach adopted for structuring this area reflected a thorough understanding of the needs of the operator and its premium customers. By optimizing processes, developing its own monitoring tools and implementing direct and efficient communication channels, the dedicated team has consolidated a service flow capable of providing quick and effective responses. Thus, the operator was able to reduce ART, increase service availability and, above all, improve customer perception of after-sales service.

By optimizing processes, developing its own monitoring tools and implementing direct and efficient communication channels, the dedicated team has consolidated a service flow capable of providing quick and effective responses. Thus, the operator was able to reduce ART, increase service availability and, above all, improve customer perception of after-sales service.


Customer: commitment to innovation, customer experience and agility

The telephone operator that hired act digital has led significant transformations in the market, most notably 4G coverage since 2015, and the first tests of 5G networks in the country, starting in 2019. The company is recognized for its capacity for innovation and for always being at the forefront of trends in the segment. Because of this approach, it is an important partner for large corporations in a wide range of segments.

In serving corporate clients, the operator offers solutions that reflect its leadership in technology and innovation. With a general base of more than 60 million customers (including individuals and companies), the company has an extensive fiber optic network, which stretches for approximately 180,000 kilometers throughout Brazil.

Challenge: fragmented service and inefficient problem-solving

With regard to premium customer service, the operator's main difficulty stemmed from the fact that its traditional service structure was fragmented, with the separation of mobile and fixed network services. This format compromised efficiency and agility in resolving critical demands from large contractors. This situation generated a high ART, affecting the availability of services and leading to a growing rate of dissatisfaction.

Given this context, the operator needed to integrate the processes of two different technical operation centers (fixed network and mobile network), so that all contact, service, technical discussion and problem resolution could be concentrated in a single team. Structuring this area would allow providing a tailored and agile experience.

Solution: exclusivity and standardization of premium customers services

The project to create the premium customer service cell was developed by an act digital team specializing in the telecommunications segment, made up of a technical leader and 13 analysts. This team structured the nucleus, focusing on area management, process management and customer service. The project adopted technologies, tools and automation resources already used by the operator.

Implementation stages

- Process mapping: the first phase of the project consisted of identifying process flows and scenarios to gain a better understanding of the standard of customer service. Based on these analyses, it was possible to identify activities that could be absorbed by the area being created without significantly burdening the teams.

- Technical training for the team: the team assigned to the premium customer service center underwent a training process on the technologies and services used by customers. The training process focused on the reality of premium contractors, focusing specifically on the knowledge that would be decisive for serving this audience.

- Monitoring system: the team then developed a system for proactively monitoring services in anticipation of contact from the client. The system involves its own information base for day-to-day use, a technical troubleshooting process (adopted to detect and correct flaws), and interactions with peripheral areas.

- Communication channels: we have developed direct communication channels with the contracting companies, such as messaging services (like WhatsApp), e-mail, and telephone. Communication channels were also created with internal areas that played a key role in resolving customer demands, such as the commercial areas of after-sales, pre-sales, implementation, regional operations, among others.

- Continuous management: the technical leader was responsible for managing the team and the interface with the telephone operator, seeking to continuously improve processes and deliveries.

Results: efficiency and agility for premium clients

The premium customer service area, by integrating mobile and fixed network support, provided the right approach for the large telephony service contracts.

Results achieved

- Reduction in ART: with the implementation of the new structure, there was a significant drop in customer ART. On the fixed network, the time was reduced by 33% and on the mobile network the drop was around 80% compared to the previous period.

- Service availability: another improvement identified was the overall 30% increase in total service availability in the areas related to the premium segment, due to the monitoring carried out and the improvement plans proposed by the area.

How we can help your company

Improving the customer journey is a decisive process for any business. In the case of B2B relationships, when services are directly related to operations, this reality becomes even more critical. That's why strategies that combine innovative technologies and agile methodologies are indispensable for companies looking to improve customer services.

At act digital, digital solutions follow this trend and are results-oriented, covering both the technological transformation of organizations and the restructuring of processes or the management of specific projects. We have a specialized team capable of providing the most appropriate answers for each client.

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