Training Software Enhances User Experience

App developed by act digital combines game instructions and connectivity, promoting player immersion in fun arenas


With a project to launch arenas for an immersive experience in gel ball blasting games, one of the leading toy companies in the United States sought a digital solution to showcase the functionality of these spaces to the public.


The act digital team was hired to create an application, responsible for developing training software to detail the operation of the arenas and enable system connectivity with game accessories.


The developed training software explains the game’s operation in the arena and incorporates technologies aligned with market demands for gamification and augmented reality, offering necessary connectivity features. This contributed to the company winning the “Best Booth of the Show” award from IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions).

Augmented reality, immersive experiences, and gamification are transforming how we interact with the world around us. This change impacts different markets, from the corporate sector to the entertainment industry. In practice, technologies that enable connectivity fit into any contemporary context, delivering better interaction with consumers, employees, and users of various solutions.

In the gaming world, innovations increasingly focus on an immersive experience, whether online or offline. This demands a precise combination of creativity and technology, a synergy that act digital established with one of the largest American toy companies.

The company, born with a proposal for games that go beyond digital screens, specializes in gel ball-shooting guns and is launching interactive arena spaces. In these environments, the company’s toys are part of an immersive experience with specific rules.

The role of act digital was to develop the arena presentation app through training software detailing all game features. This system is presented at the entrance of the arenas, but its relevance goes beyond demonstrations. The app was developed with technologies focused on connectivity, primarily Mesh Network, allowing integration with game accessories and enabling the application of resources in the context of augmented reality.


Client: Sports-Stimulating Toys

Going against the trend of digital games, the company stands out as one of the toy manufacturers with the highest growth rates in the United States. Their specialty lies in jet pistols that shoot gel balls, encouraging a playful experience similar to paintball. The brand’s products are aligned with the goal of promoting outdoor fun, away from screens.

The company’s proposal combines physical activity with player interaction. This experience can be even more immersive in the arenas the company is launching, featuring specific rules and resources. In these spaces, team competition takes place in interactive scenarios, combining features like paintball and laser tag.

Challenge: Training and Presentation of Arenas

The arena system launched by the company creates competition between teams, featuring exclusive resources and specific rules crucial for player performance. Transmitting all these instructions and game possibilities was fundamental in these spaces, and the company chose to install a panel with all necessary instructions. The challenge was to develop a digital solution to demonstrate the game’s operation in the arena, immersively. This would require an app developed with advanced technologies to allow connectivity with accessories, such as guns, vests, and other wearable components.

Solution: Connectivity Training Software

Faced with the demand for the creation of a scheduling, settings, and game mode startup application, as well as training software, the act digital team developed a customized system encompassing all planned functionalities.

Applied Technologies

One of the main differentiators of the project lies in the technologies adopted in the development of the system.

  • React Native
  • Socket.IO
  • Node.js
  • Mesh Network

The strategic combination of these technologies was crucial to ensure efficient connectivity between the system and other devices. The use of these tools enhances the implementation of advanced features such as gamification and augmented reality, enabling new functionalities for the application.

Results: Immersive and Connected User Experience

The training software developed for the gaming arena was able to offer users an immersive and connected experience. With this, the brand managed to demonstrate the game’s operation and ensure a fun competition for the participating teams. Here are some relevant results achieved by the project.

-“Best Booth of the Show” Award During participation in the IAAPA fair, the brand presented the arena concept, with the training software as one of the main presentation resources. The booth stood out as the winner of the “Best Booth of the Show” award, granted by the institution.

-Continuous Advancement Due to the advanced technologies employed in the software development, the application is equipped to incorporate new features and functionalities, including mechanisms focused on augmented reality use.

-Enhanced Experience The training system contributes to the user experience in the arena. On-site, participants receive a detailed presentation of the game, step by step. Connectivity with components and accessories is another essential feature for players to immerse themselves in the activity.

How Can We Help Your Company

Digital transformation is impacting the user experience through features that combine entertainment, information, and technology. This is an expertise that act digital has applied to different sectors, from traditional corporate markets to the most innovative industries in the creative economy, such as media, telecommunications, games, among others.

User experience-focused solutions are comprehensive and serve various purposes, such as customer-centric strategies, corporate training learning processes, and immersive entertainment activities. Explore some technologies we customize for our clients.

- Development of Digital Journeys: Creating user experiences in digital environments.

- Streaming Strategies: Efficient content distribution, personalized recommendations, subscription management, and ensuring smooth playback.

-Omnichannel Culture: Integration of different interaction channels, such as online platforms, social media, and live events for a complete and consistent experience.

-Process and Data Security: Ensuring the quality and confidentiality of operational processes and user data, fundamental aspects to comply with regulations such as the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), and ensuring brand credibility.

-API and Applications: Applications: Programming Interfaces (APIs) and applications are essential for expanding digital presence, enabling the delivery of personalized content, richer interactions, and continuous engagement with the target audience.

In this case, we demonstrated that a training software can include connectivity features that enhance the user experience.The technologies we employ in these solutions enable gamification and augmented reality in different contexts.Contact our specialists to learn more.

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