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Artificial Intelligence in the Cosmetics Market

Cosmetics market bets on AI to improve customer experience

The cosmetic and dermocosmetic industries are already on the path of hyper personalization with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which makes it possible to meet customer needs in a unique and scalable way.

With the yearning for the consumption of items from this industry added to e-commerce (electronic commerce that makes online shopping possible), the challenge is to develop platforms or applications that help in choosing the correct product, in the correct shade, and with the function that meets each type of skin.

“Products are increasingly customized and, for that, the way of buying must follow individualities. This is how artificial intelligence appears, because, combined with technology, it allows the brand to identify the tone and skin type, indicating the best product to the customer,” says Rodrigo Pereira, executive director at act digital.

According to the Market Data Panel of the Brazilian Personal Care and Cosmetics Association (ABIHPEC), the sector had a 5.7% increase in sales in the first four months of 2021, compared to the same period of the previous year. The increase in this demand brings market opportunities.

According to Rodrigo Pereira, companies are being born exclusively because of the demand for customized beauty treatment using AI. Consumers can fill out a questionnaire about their skin type and their eating routine (for example, take a photo to identify their skin tone and the algorithms create an exclusive formula that will meet all their needs) — all without having to leave their homes and with dermatological validation, guaranteeing quality and assertiveness.

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