Cloud: the driving force behind digital transformation

How cloud security can be the foundation of digital evolution and at the same time collaborate in data protection

Cloud adoption is a digital transformation initiative that drives companies to modernize their information security practices, empowering their professionals to operate in this shared responsibility environment—where your provider is responsible for ensuring the security of cloud services available, and you, as a representative of your company, are responsible for configuring the resources used correctly to adequately control access to the data that will be processed in the cloud environment.

Yes, the environment becomes complex initially. Perhaps that’s why more than 77% of IT and security professionals surveyed by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) feel unprepared to deal with cloud security threats. This data serves as an alert for us to identify critical areas of concern and opportunities for improvement.

Prevalence of vulnerabilities in code, limited visibility in cloud environments, challenges with false and/or duplicate alerts, and complexity due to the proliferation of security tools are some of the points of attention mentioned throughout the study. So, the question arises: is it possible to use the cloud to accelerate innovation while increasing your security level, better protecting your customers’ data?

The answer is yes! With the experience of Amazon Web Services (AWS) supporting clients from various sectors in dealing with security (IN) incidents, it is possible to affirm that 70% of cases could have been avoided with the implementation of basic security features - such as adopting a second factor of authentication for users, also known as Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA).

Another simple tip is: always keep your company’s devices and software as up-to-date as possible, as all cloud technology is connected and this software can be the gateway for cyber-attacks. In this scenario, for example, the choice of DBMS (Data Base Management System) is the main piece of security systems. This mechanism is how the software product market stores and manipulates data primarily delivered as software, as a service (SaaS) in the cloud.

How to prepare to deal with the cloud?

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Want to know more about the subject or understand how we can help your company in the digital evolution process? Talk to the act digital team.

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