How Mass Adoption of Artificial Intelligence Can Drive Business Success 

Samuel Moleiro, our CEO in Brazil, and Everton Gago, CDO at act digital, share insights on the US business landscape, machine learning, the developer professional scene, and, of course, Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our team recently attended Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, the premier gathering of leaders and professionals from the financial and technological sectors. According to Samuel Moleiro, our CEO Brazil, discussions revolved around the landscape of banks and fintechs, addressing both governmental and private sector perspectives.

“​The niche startup market is booming in the US and shows significant maturity. However, larger corporations continue to grapple with challenges in modernizing highly regulated legacy systems, especially under government scrutiny. Shifting focus to Brazil, there’s a crucial need to believe in and invest more in startups. We boast a robust technological landscape here with top-notch professionals. At act digital, we possess the capability to significantly aid this entrepreneurial market. The Brazilian ‘Pix’ system, while distant for North America, has been our reality for some time now. It truly showcases our advanced stance in Open Finance. It’s estimated that within the next three years, this will become a reality there as well,” expressed Samuel.

Brazil holds the potential to increasingly offer technology to the American market. According to Everton Gago, CDO at act digital, we possess a high capacity for innovation, particularly in the realm of startups. This differs from the focus of banks, which centers around multicloud structuring—an area in which we are already actively involved in Brazil.

Samuel notes that our challenge is to have strong teams in all locations we operate in, as American culture prioritizes employee competence—regardless of whether the service is outsourced or internalized (‘make or buy’)—what matters is the delivery. Solutions are engineered for lasting results, unlike the Brazilian tendency to undertake isolated actions to momentarily resolve problems. Gago adds that major companies are closely eyeing technologies and innovations from startups, fostering a view toward mergers and acquisitions to drive business growth.

Our CDO recalls that act digital operates in Massachusetts and Texas, and is expanding into Florida, focusing our business lens on this market segment. Simultaneously, we’ve discovered that the regulatory model is intense and constantly changing. A sector that also lacks innovation is healthcare. Gago further explains that in Europe, there’s greater operational maturity concerning data use, albeit slower progress in AI and IoT adoption. Moreover, the construction and adoption of tools are part of the evolution, observed in both the European and Brazilian markets.

Ultimately, the key is staying connected to clients and positioning ourselves as advisors to unfold strategies they define through digital solutions. This unfolding doesn’t just consider data and AI but involves a strong presence of software engineering, design, UX study, code writing, forecasting future events, and the ability to structure agile requirements. All these aspects need consideration in strategies and converge toward business success.

The full conversation holds more details and insights about the event. Watch it in its entirety!

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