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Improving the Customer Journey

Reader, in any purchase you make, the pre-, during, and post-sales are seen as the customer’s journey. Simply put, it’s every point of contact with the company that generates an experience for customers, and it’s a great point to build consumer loyalty to the brand.

With the advancement of technology, these moments are increasingly customized. To this end, according to the Global Insights Survey, data, analytics, and decision-making technologies have helped companies provide a secure and convenient digital experience for customers.

There are several layers of information collection, and the combination of qualified data and analytical intelligence makes it possible to see business opportunities with certain customer profiles. The survey found that only 61% of people claim to be loyal to the companies they were customers of before the pandemic.

“It is not enough to have analytical data; it is necessary to use it in the best way. Mapping the points of contact with the customer, knowing their preferences and understanding how this information answers questions and leads us to improvements in the consumer experience is crucial. The intelligence behind data evaluation is the differential — it also collaborates in the monitoring and development of an increasingly secure purchasing environment,” says Gilson Cesar da Costa, specialist in data engineering at act digital and PhD student in Information Engineering.

Another highlight of the study was the indication that scalable software solutions are leveling the market for companies of all sizes, providing better digital customer engagement, from small to large brands, which highlights the process of globalization and market qualification.

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