Performance analysis qualifies streaming operations

Communication giant improves analytical view on the performance of its streaming platform

Streaming has already established itself as one of the main platforms for media consumption worldwide. After gaining user adoption, companies operating in this segment face the challenge of enhancing the consumer experience. Only by doing so can they attract and retain the audience. In this regard, data is indispensable.

The subscriber base is a rich source of information for streaming platforms. Data and algorithms related to customer profiles and preferences help define strategies and guide all processes, with a focus on ensuring better business results and delivering unique user experiences. To achieve this, it is necessary to structure technological resources and procedures focused on the analytical vision of operations.

Content production for streaming is built upon the interaction between multiple teams that develop different audiovisual projects in parallel or work in distinct stages of the creation process. The better the alignment among these professionals, the better the achieved outcome.

In this context, data and indicators serve to guide all processes according to user preferences. With more accurate information, it is possible to improve process organization, ensuring alignment between different production stages and strengthening the engagement of technical teams.


For this reason, one of the largest communication companies in Brazil hired act digital to develop a performance analysis solution for their streaming platform and enhance the engagement of technical teams.

The company was able to structure its data and analytical view of the streaming platform’s performance with a solution developed by act digital. This project was carried out by a multidisciplinary squad of experts who, through agile methodology and immersion, created and implemented customized real-time analysis features that are compatible with the reality and demands of the business.

The analytical view resources aim to provide technical teams with real-time data on platform performance, user engagement, content preferences, streaming rejection rate, and other indispensable information to strengthen the business group’s performance in this market.


To develop the project, we applied the act digital framework, which employs agile models to define the challenges faced by the communication group and outline the best strategies to achieve the projected results. In this process, we employed the following methodologies:

  • Immersion
  • Product Inception (a product creation methodology that allows collaboration to make the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) construction faster and leaner)
  • Design Thinking (a product and service development methodology focused on user needs, desires, and limitations)
  • Development of data extraction, ingestion, and transformation, involving more than 130 metric sources

The performance analysis solution structured by act digital combines a set of technologies, including:

  • Python
  • Kafka
  • HDFS
  • Spark
  • Microservices
  • Clean Architecture
  • React
  • GCP

With the performance analysis solution implemented by act digital, the group was able to reshape strategies for the streaming platform, guiding all decisions and operations based on data. In addition to assisting directors and products regarding content, a more comprehensive analysis of performance indicators strengthens the commitment of professionals involved in the processes, generating greater alignment between different areas and stages.

Three major direct results can be highlighted:

  • Real-time performance analysis
  • More accurate decisions based on data
  • Increased team engagement regarding performance

In addition to these, there are other indirect benefits resulting from the solution, such as the ability to establish continuous improvements in operations through indicator analysis, increased user satisfaction, and gains in operational and financial efficiency.

We emphasize that media consumption on any platform is tied to the digital experience. Even the most traditional content formats are made available on multiple screens. Regardless of the access device, the experience needs to be consistent and increasingly personalized. These are two of the main challenges faced by the telecommunications and media industry.

act digital has a team of experts who are well acquainted with this market and develop innovative solutions to ensure the continuous evolution of communication companies. Contact us, and let’s make an impact on the world together.

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