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Febraban Tech 2022: exclusive insights from the act digital team

This month, act digital was at the biggest event in the financial market: Febraban Tech 2022. In addition to participating in this edition, we took an impact team to participate in this experience, check out market news and expand our knowledge on hot topics in the banking segment. More than a summary – which you may have read on other blogs – we bring you the main topics covered at Febraban Tech 22, with an extra: the look coming directly from the digital act team – present at the event. We have divided them into macro themes so that your reading is more assertive:  



“It was clear that large banks see the opportunity to partner with fintechs to develop new product solutions” – Suzana Parisi, Delivery Manager. “The times that we are going through, facing a war, brings uncertainties to the financial market. Brazil ends up being less directly impacted in this sector, because it has a more friendly global political decision, but in the sectors of the automobile and mining industries we can have difficulties – as they interact with different countries.” – Thais Costa, Business Manager.  


“About the challenges of hyper personalization, we still perceive in our consumer experience that the physical does not converse with the digital. This also challenges brands to have a well-trained bot, with enough inputs to have assertive answers. In the midst of so much technology, we cannot forget that human capital is extremely important – we need soft skills to assess customer behavior, actions and experiences, anticipating improvements continuous and humanizing the technological service.” – Thales Rodrigues, Head of Digital Solutions.  


“Providing more security through more complex algorithms and using quantum computing to accelerate financial calculations (Monte Carlo method – uses data randomness to generate a result for problems that are a priori deterministic) are smart data solutions that accelerate financial processes.” – Rodrigo Pereira, Executive Director. “Building a good information architecture directly impacts the cloud data journey. A well-architected cloud that delivers quality, performance and flexibility allows you to quickly scale data usage and support the interactivity required by users. The resilience of the architected infrastructure is key when thinking about adopting a cloud data system.” – Thales Rodrigues, Head of Digital Solutions.  


“The day-to-day immersion of the Metaverse in our lives will take place in the future, 5 to 10 years from now. Many brands are already exploring interoperability to develop the novelties in this immersive universe – they are working together with systems and organizations to ensure that people, organizations and computer systems interact to exchange information effectively and efficiently. The great challenge in Brazil is the lack of professionals to leverage this experience, which is also an opportunity to invest in the training of metaverse engineers, 3D architects, designers, among others.” – Ana Carolina Eirado, Account Manager.  


There were many cool topics and our team is even more prepared to propose solutions, scale projects and the digital experience of our partners and future customers. If you liked the content, share it and let’s continue to impact the world together!