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Innovation: How to apply it in everyday life?

South by Southwest (SXSW), one of the biggest innovation festivals in the world, returned in person in 2022, in the city of Austin (USA), and brought discussions about trends and technologies that revolutionized business. The event brought nine days of lectures, panels, fairs, meetups, artistic performances and innovative experiences.

The program covered topics such as the ways in which companies are adapting to changes in the world to connect with consumers in an innovative way; climate change; games and digital experiences; health industry issues such as patient rights; data sharing; telemedicine; among many other subjects.

When thinking about innovation events, triggers arise on how to build a new world, but not just a high tech world with disruptive digital experiences. SXSW brings reflections on how innovation depends on people and how it can help in the fight for basic rights, social justice, environmental and business sustainability. “It is impossible to innovate without people. They are our greatest capital. Each of our employees (impactors) brings knowledge and creativity to our day-to-day processes. Each and every digital act project designed for our customers comes of people in which the culture of innovation permeates the routine. To innovate is to improve more and more, every day, transforming physical and digital actions into the best solutions”, says Paulo Quites, COO of act digital. And the question that moves us remains: how to make innovation happen on a daily basis? If you need help answering it, know that you can count on act digital.