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Streaming gains strength in the Market and grows over 20% during the pandemic

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Anyone who has experienced the golden age of video tapes and CD’s knows the journey that technology has taken to reach digital content. Video rental companies were replaced by Netflix, which started offering its services in 2007,  and since then, it has won dozens of competitors and similar ones that fight for different tastes.

In 2020, streaming services gained momentum, and what was once just a complement to entertainment has become one of the main sources of entertainment for the population. According to data from Conviva, a streaming monitoring platform, the audience for these audiovisual services has grown 20% since the beginning of the pandemic. In the month of March alone, these services accounted for a growth of more than 15% worldwide, compared to the figures of the previous 2 weeks.

In Brazil, the use of streaming grew by more than 180%. In October alone of every 100 devices connected in the country, about 16 were connected to streaming services in the 15 largest metropolitan regions.This change generated by the impacts of a new scenario, with new demands and limitations, has influenced not only the entertainment market but also significantly altered a series of consumption habits and preferences from its users.

A living example was the case of one of the series that debuted at the end of October on Netflix and generated a 114% growth in the search for chess games at J’adoube, a company specialized in the game. In addition, the attraction put the book on which production is based on the US bestseller list, even after 40 years of its release.

User in Charge

To keep up with this market transformation, many companies are reorganizing and restructuring their services so as not to lose money or be left behind. Grupo Globo, the largest media and communication conglomerate in Brazil and Latin America, announced earlier this year the launch of its brand that unifies the company’s open TV, pay-TV, streaming and digital platforms.

The journey of omnichannel media is just beginning and it is with the user in charge that many market opportunities are being created.

Engagement and interaction are magic words to conquer the consumer, and today more than ever, this transition from the old media and communication formats to the new ones that explore resources such as multichannel, dynamism, augmented reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence is essential (IA) and more.

Smart brands should also look at these changes and take advantage of the wave to connect with their customers. Livestream data shows that 81% of Internet users prefer to watch a brand live video than to read a blog, while 82% prefer live brand videos to social media posts.

Advertising is transforming and companies (large and small, national and international) are already starting to invest in digital influencers, lives on Social Networks, videos on IGTV, among other formats to keep themselves closer to their customers.

Technology, connectivity and efficiency need to go together to deliver more than content and services. It is necessary to add social value, solve real problems and participate in the lives of consumers, which is what new scenario calls for, and organizations need to be prepared for it.

Case Study – Performance Analytics Solution

We at act digital, are attentive to these changes, and for some years now, we have been working to help our clients in this adaptation. Creating and developing your own streaming project can be a big challenge for companies, but we have cutting edge technology, strategic potential and specialized professionals, ready to create the best experience for users, from beginning to end. Visit our portfolio to learn more.

In the case of Performance Analytics Solution, we have carried out an immersion process and a complete understanding of our client’s business needs and guidelines. From this point on, we developed an analysis base for extraction, ingestion and transformation of data with the latest technology in order to monitor more than 130 sources of performance metrics and user involvement with the streaming platform, in addition to other functions available in real time .

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