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UX is more than just an acronym

We invited our collaborators Bruna Badra and Ingrid Luz to tell us a bit about their history and career – and, consequently, to talk about UX.

If you have never heard of UX, raise your hand \o/

Joking aside, this text is not only for those who don’t know the term, but also for those who want to learn more.

What is it?

The term in Portuguese was translated from User Experience – a set of actions that stand for the user’s interaction with a given product, system, or service.

According to Bruna Badra, who has been working with us for four months as a Senior Service Designer, UX goes far beyond usability: “Current companies that guide their strategic decisions with a focus on the user’s desires and needs ensure better results for the business, add greater value to their products and services, and even reduce rework and development costs. We work premised on the Design Thinking approach, which is grounded in pillars empathy (putting yourself in the user’s shoes), collaboration (bringing a multidisciplinary team to work on the project), and experimentation (here the secret is to test, test, and test). It is not just about designing screens, but understanding the problems and challenges, bringing the pains of your customers to finally create innovative, assertive solutions that lead to customer satisfaction: this is the essence of User Experience”.

How does UX impact your day to day life?

Our routine is increasingly digital. We consume music and content, go shopping, have medical visits, and even meet online. This digital transformation arose from adjustments to meet all these needs. Part of the team working on this UX front is made up of designers.

If you access a website to consume content or even buy services or products, and find what you need in a fast and clear way, with the information arranged in a logical way, you probably have the UX eye to generate this positive experience. In each online access you have a little bit of it.

Ingrid Luz, Sr. Product Designer at act digital, who has been working for more than 5 years with product design and digital experiences, tells us a bit about how it is in practice – today, she works at the streaming platform Globoplay, at Globo, our client:

“UX has several work fronts, but I really like the strategic part: information architecture, usability and research. Personally, I am passionate about the intersection between technology, business and design. In my day-to-day life, I participate in projects all through, from design and framework conception to usability. It is very rewarding to be the streaming user, and consume something you helped building. After all, we work to provide a unique customer experience”.

That’s UX! Keep on following us here and, if you like it, share it.