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We have grown and are ready to make a difference. We are act digital

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Now we start a new journey. Our brand has changed; however, our story is still the same. We are act digital, a totally independent and global company, with a team of specialists and offices located in strategic locations in the world such as Brazil, France, Belgium, USA, Germany, and Portugal.

We are driven by a purpose in everything we do and, with this focus in mind, we continue to offer innovation, performance, and agility to the market, to increasingly enhance our customers’ businesses.

Brazil currently ranks 8th among the largest economies in the world, according to data from IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics). According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Brazil ranks 69th among 129 countries in the Global Innovation Index (GII). A strong growth potential, which we are prepared to drive more and more with our employees and customers.

Strategic expansion

“In 2020, we grew 45% and opened 1,000 new job positions, 95% of which came from our current customer base, with whom we have built long-term partnerships and developed solutions that make a difference.”
Thibaut Charmeil, President of act digital.

With a culture focused on partnership, agility, and excellence, we have grown and expanded our capacities for achievement and impact.

Innovation to win the digital battle

Our mission is to help companies to create innovative products and services to win the digital battle. For this, we have a team of experts in the market, committed to delivering value through our offers.

Digital Experience, Business Agility, Mobile and Software, Development, Cloud, DevOps, A.I, RPA, IoT, and Industry 4.0 are examples of expertise that make up our portfolio. Based on the agile methodology, we understand the needs of each customer and operate throughout the end-to-end journey.

We are a smart partner, and we are here to drive organizations to reach a new digital level.

Learn more about our offerings and see how we can generate value for your company.