Data CoE leverages analytical intelligence in pharmaceuticals

Solution implemented by act digital allows the company to analyze strategic data in real time with the application of predictive models


The pharmaceutical industry that hired act digital for this project needs to implement data governance, aligning company processes and standards to establish a data-driven culture.


act digital structured the organization’s data architecture and implemented technologies and processes to unify tools, areas, methodologies, roles, and the high volume of data used by the company.


act digital provided the company with resources to carry out data analysis in real time and in a predictive way, generating improved performance, disseminating the data-driven culture, and enabling a 360-degree view of operations.

The Analytical Excellence Center (Data CoE) is an increasingly present structure in the pharmaceutical segment, which is among the economic activities that make intensive use of data. In addition to the performance indicators that are traditionally monitored by companies in any field, such as financial and operational metrics, the pharmaceutical industry has the Research and Development (R&D) area as the central point of its operations.

The generation of large-scale data represents a business opportunity in this area, as it is from them that strategic decisions are taken. On the other hand, the challenge is to align all sources of information to make them available in a structured and agile way. This was the challenge faced by a century-old pharmaceutical industry, which hired act digital to deploy the Data CoE with the aim of strategically exploiting the full potential of data for the business.


Client: century-old and innovative company

The company that hired act digital to develop this project has been present in Brazil for over a century and ranks among the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in the country. With global operations, the company has more than 300 years of history in the manufacture of medicines and vaccines. Since the beginning of its trajectory, it has always pursued innovation, an essential characteristic to maintain the group’s competitiveness in this market.

With high investments in the Research & Development (R&D) area, the pharmaceutical company maintains internal scientific research programs and partnerships with the most traditional institutions in the area. In Brazil, it carries out studies in partnership with research institutes and hospitals. With an innovative and highly technological profile, the company seeks to anticipate the emergence of diseases and needs in relation to health care. This requires the ability to manage and use data in a strategic and predictive way to ensure agility and assertiveness both in decision-making and in the execution of all processes.

Challenge: structure and intensify the use of data

The development of drugs, vaccines, and other pharmacological substances is based on studies and clinical trials, inexhaustible sources of data, which need to be well managed from end to end. From the purchase of raw materials to quality controls, a series of information and metrics are monitored.

In addition, there are numerous sources of external information that need to be monitored by the company, such as data from the development of research with partner hospitals and institutes or even from the scientific community.

With data dispersed among different processes, projects, and areas, the company’s analytical intelligence can have a fragmented view of the information, a situation that can generate inefficiency and hinder or delay decision-making. Another difficulty resulting from this scenario is related to the ability to anticipate, which is one of the pharmaceutical needs.

From this context, the company faced the challenge of establishing data governance, processes, and standards with a focus on generating gains in scale, cost reduction, and evolution in the data-driven vision.

Solution: Data CoE

act digital formed a multidisciplinary squad to work on this project, from immersion in the challenges faced by the company to delivering scalable results. In an agile way and in partnership with the pharmaceutical company, our team implemented a Data CoE, a unit dedicated to structuring, managing, and analyzing data.

Data CoE is a solution that allowed the company to unify tools, areas, methodologies, roles, and the high volume of information to enable real-time data analysis based on predictive models.


In this project, we had three core approaches to deliver consistent results at the end of the deployment. Check out the methodologies applied:

  • Modeling, processing, and integration of new data architecture to support real-time data-driven processes
  • Tool configuration and synchronization between external data and internal processes to ensure data quality and compliance
  • Training for validating and optimizing the knowledge base


As for technologies, the act digital team carried out:

  • Application of Lean Inception
  • API-focused architecture definition

Results: 360-degree view and prediction capacity

The consistent use of qualified and structured data, an essential condition for innovation, research, and development, is the main expected result in a project to implement a Data CoE. This objective was achieved with the solution implemented by act digital.

With the Analytical Excellence Center, the pharmaceutical company is able to have a 360-degree view of its operations based on real-time data analysis, regardless of the source of information. This analytical domain enables the organization to apply predictive models.

In practice, the main result obtained in this project was the improvement of performance, visibility, and value of data for decision making and anticipation through a 360-degree view.

How we can help your company

Technology and innovation are essential characteristics for companies that operate in the health area. The pharmaceutical industry is even more demanded in this sense, as it conducts research and development on an ongoing basis. act digital’s solutions can enhance the results of these organizations, as they are aligned with market demands.

Our specialized and multidisciplinary teams immerse themselves in clients to provide tailor-made tools, strategies, and qualified personnel to solve any challenge. We resort to advanced technologies that enable the application of predictive models and early data analysis.

All the solutions we develop for the health and pharmacy segment are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each organization. We have expertise in deploying tools based on:

  • Big Data and Cognitive Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Telemedicine
  • RPA and APIs

Data CoE helped a pharmaceutical industry and innovator perform strategic, real-time, and anticipatory data analysis. What solution can we develop for your company? Count on the support of our experts! Get in touch with act digital.

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