MaaS solution automates toll and parking payment

Multinational group recorded 30% gain in sales scale with tag system developed by act digital


World leader in the premium automotive market needed to keep up with the evolution in the mobility services market, expanding the solutions offered to business partners.


act digital has developed a White Label tag system for frictionless payment in tolls and parking, ensuring scalable delivery for any partner brand.


The resource created by act digital promoted a 30% gain in sales scale and expanded the company’s partner ecosystem

As a result of the intense digital acceleration that has occurred in recent years due to the advance of the pandemic, we have seen companies from the most diverse sectors offering complementary services to their primary field of activity.

This was the case, for example, with companies in the retail sector. Many of them started to offer financial solutions through BaaS (Bank as a Service), converting products into services. This reality has allowed several corporations to create tailored financial solutions for their audience and offer them by implementing various APIs.

It is a worldwide trend. In this context, a leader in the automobile and motorcycle sector saw the possibility of offering its clients a more complete range of services, applying the concepts of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solutions.

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Client: vehicles, financial services, and mobility

More than a multinational, the partner we present here in this material is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium cars and motorcycles, ranking among the leaders in this industry. As an industry leader, understanding the “as a service” trend and making it a reality has been part of its growth trajectory and strategy. This avant-garde and innovative feature has always been in its DNA.

Today, in addition to being a leader in the premium automobile sector, the company also offers financial and mobility services. This range of possibilities helps its clients to have an even more complete experience. In addition, the combination of quality products and a complete experience helps differentiate them from its competitors.

Challenge: White Label and scalable resource

With competitors developing similar services, the client sought its differential, not only for its clients, but also for the partners that commercialize its products.

The challenge then would be to create a White Label solution that could be customized, unrelated to any known brand in the market. The objective was to serve partners who wanted to offer mobility solutions to its clients, but without great development effort and with great added value.


Solution: API portal

Initially, act digital took action to understand with the client their needs and those of their partners, the challenges in developing the solution and the expected results. In the first moment, it is necessary to carry out an immersion to correctly diagnose the scenario faced by our clients and, thus, deliver a tailored tool that really boosts their business. The solution found even needed to enable the use of tag technology for a frictionless payment experience at toll booths and parking lots.

The focus of this action was the company’s partners that operate in the B2B2C model (business to business to consumer). In this business model, the industry’s final target public is made up of common consumers, however, the sale is carried out by intermediary companies, such as a supermarket or other representatives.

To deliver the project, it was necessary to design the entire solution, and also to develop a catalog of APIs that would allow partners to integrate and use tag technology in their ecosystem.

We solved this challenge by applying an architecture with distributed microservices (APIs), combined with the use of cloud technology. This allowed the project to gain scalability and a more agile implementation in our client’s partner network.


To make delivery possible, act digital employed technologies such as:

  • Java
  • Spring Boot (Open-Source Framework)
  • AWS (Cloud, CloudWatch, Redis, DynamoDB, SQS)
  • Rancher (Infrastructure Administration)
  • Postman (Test Automation)
  • Docker

Results: more market and sales at scale

By implementing the White Label tag and the mobility service, which facilitates the daily lives of its clients, our partner identified a 30% gain in sales scale. This shows the value that added services can generate.

In addition, with the new offer, the client also achieved another objective: to increase its ecosystem of partners, expanding the capillarity and influence of our client with its associates.

This result is very relevant for a company in this sector, as it increases its reliability, improves its relationship and, in addition, expands its brand exposure in such a disputed network.

How we can help your company

act digital has a team of experts in digital transformation and, with the help of technology, makes it possible for companies in the mobility sector to create and develop White Label products and services.

Our expertise in managing and optimizing production processes, technical projects, and industry 4.0 helps us understand customer challenges and put innovative digital solutions into practice.

Our team of experts also has the ability to implement operations strategies, digital roadmap, UX (user experience), and UI (user interface) design.

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If you’re looking for a solution like the one we brought in this case, talk to our experts and count on act digital to develop the digital solution your company needs to strengthen your relationship with your partners and clients!

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