Accelerating digital products with a data-driven AI tool: Coding Behavior

Product development with AI-driven insights is seen as a strategic imperative for businesses looking to stay competitive, innovate faster, and better serve their customers in an increasingly data-driven world. People are thinking about product development with AI-driven insights for several reasons:

-Increased Efficiency

-Improved Decision Making

-Competitive Advantage

-Customer Satisfaction


-Risk Mitigation

While most people with a good understanding of GenAI can think of applications we, at act digital, decided to invest on the Research and Development of a product that Accelerates Digital Product Development with AI-Driven Insights: act digital Coding Behavior (AC-CB)

In our quest to optimize digital product development, we've devised a groundbreaking solution leveraging AI technology. Our approach involves a set of AI products seamlessly integrated into code repositories, enabling us to analyze existing code and anticipate future feature requirements. By harnessing this data-driven approach, we aim to expedite the journey towards high-performance digital products.

Key Features:

Coding Behavior Engine:

  • Our innovative Coding Behavior Engine utilizes AI tools to analyze code repositories and extract valuable insights;

  • It concurrently processes existing code and upcoming feature stories to alert future risks to the prioritized backlog;

  • This streamlined approach empowers development teams to achieve high-performance levels efficiently.

Standardized Development Governance:

  • Our solution provides a standardized framework for development governance, ensuring consistency and alignment across projects;

  • It serves as a guide for development teams to navigate towards high-performance levels in a step-by-step manner.

Global View of Technical Behavior:

  • This global perspective enables informed decision-making and drives the evolution of digital products.

Advanced Suggestiveness:

  • The solution's scalability allows for the integration of new tools, processes, and AI instances, enhancing its suggestiveness over time;

  • The Coding Behavior allows for greater visibility over the existing technical (code) risks in the prioritized backlog and gives the team the possibility to create technical strategies to mitigate these risks.

Platform Scalability:

  • Our platform is designed for scalability, catering to diverse business units with varying maturity levels and technological preferences;

  • Regardless of the business unit's stage, our solution accelerates the pace of business reaction through streamlined processes and advanced AI capabilities.

Our AI-driven solution revolutionizes digital product development by providing actionable insights, standardized governance, and scalable capabilities. By embracing this innovative approach, organizations can enhance their development processes, accelerate time-to-market, and ultimately achieve high-performance outcomes.

If you need a team of experts who develop innovative solutions to ensure the sustainability of your business, count on act digital. Talk to us and let's impact the world together.

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