Tech Trends 2024

Alter Solutions and act digital bring together the eight main technological trends for the upcoming year that will impact your business

As we approach the end of 2023 and gear up for 2024, in partnership with Alter Solutions, we present an eBook on ‘2024 tech trends.’ After all, technology evolves exponentially and continues to impact every aspect of our society. Our team of technology experts has gathered data that may help convince you of the necessity of investing in customized solutions to leverage your business.

Throughout the study, we’ve come across some data that will pique interest in technological futures. For instance, according to the latest Gartner report, global investments in Cloud services are expected to grow by 20.4%, reaching a total of $678.8 billion in 2024. Additionally, Gartner states that 95% of RPA providers will offer automation through API and interface integration, and by 2026, about 60% of threat detections, investigations, and responses will benefit from exposed data controls to validate and prioritize detected threats.

From data intelligence to augmented reality, from automation to cybersecurity, each chapter will present an engaging analysis of the trends shaping the technological landscape. Check out the topics covered in the material:

  • Quantum Computing: reshaping the technological frontier
  • Cloud and Edge Computing as business drivers
  • The fusion of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence forces
  • Phygital Convergence across diverse ecosystems
  • Cybersecurity: the powerful defense against threat exposure
  • Sustainable Technology: Green IT as the future
  • Big Data: the power of data automation
  • Technological partnerships with Africa and Latin America

If these topics interest you, access and download the eBook available in two languages here. Don’t forget, our act digital team is available to work with you in defining the best solutions for your company—reach out to us.

Happy reading!

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