Factors Influencing the Transformation of the Relationship Between Businesses and Consumers

Online shopping continues to surge in popularity, and the quality of the Customer Experience process is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses

In the month of Black Friday, we explore some of the various factors that can impact the technologies used by e-commerce to turn this event into an unforgettable moment for consumers. We begin with an intriguing statistic: According to YouGov, a multinational specializing in online market research, more than half of Brazilians prefer online shopping. This preference stands out even on a global scale, where the average preference for online shopping is only 40.1%.

According to information from the Ministry of Development, Industry, Trade, and Services (MDIC), the total value of goods and services sold online in Brazil between 2019 and 2022 reached a staggering BRL 450 billion, more than double the figure from 2016 to 2019, which amounted to just BRL 178.07 billion. These numbers alone help us grasp the magnitude of the marketplace. Therefore, one of the significant challenges is understanding the role of technology and where it can be efficiently integrated into the daily lives of each generation of consumers. Companies need to evaluate Customer Experience, which represents the entirety of cognitive, emotional, sensory, and behavioral responses of the consumer during all phases of the consumption process, including pre-purchase, consumption, and post-purchase phases. A recent survey by the consultancy Gartner indicates that over 90% of companies see value in Customer Experience (CX) strategies but face difficulties in applying the concept in practice. In the competitive landscape of Brazilian e-commerce, e-commerce businesses and marketplaces invest heavily in data analysis. There are also various methodologies that aid in immersing in the customer journey, from Lean Startup, Lean Inception, and Design Thinking to continuous usability testing.

In this context, “Building Customer Experience for the Future” demonstrates that an enhanced consumer experience offers a range of benefits that extend beyond establishing a strong connection with customers and driving greater growth. The study also identifies several factors that have influenced the transformation of the relationship between companies and consumers in recent years. According to the BCG, the digital and data evolution has significantly altered customer interactions, and as touchpoints and services become more sophisticated, changes will continue to occur.

This material reveals that leading companies in Customer Experience can generate growth up to 190% higher than the industry average within a three-year timeframe.

The data confirm how important the user experience is and its impact on businesses. To underscore this significance, we invite you to read our case study on collaboratively enhancing the user experience. In this project, the act digital team analyzed the customer-initiated change of ownership process and mapped the entire user journey to enhance the service provided. The collaborative plan was executed over 12 weeks with the internal team, resulting in the delivery of validated prototypes and value generation for the operation. If you require a team of specialists who develop innovative solutions to ensure the sustainability of your business, rely on act digital. Contact us, and together, we will make an impact on the world.

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