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Trends that will impact 2022

Satellite-based Internet and hyper-automation are among the novelties for this year

We are experiencing digital transformation – especially in a pandemic scenario. Our daily lives have become even more digital, and technological innovations are being deployed at an accelerated pace to meet current demands. To talk about the 2022 trends, we invited Frédéric Martineau, CTO at act digital.

We start with satellite-based Internet. Forrester, a North American market research company, predicts that 85% of satellite-based Internet users will be located in rural areas, working remotely. While 5G demands large infrastructure to work, and tends to be concentrated in urban centers, the intention is to invest so that the satellite-based Internet option helps solving the digital divide experienced in 2021.

Another trend is the acceleration in the adoption of microservices architecture and cloud solutions, especially for the logistics sector. The concern here is to promote quick and innovative supplies chain. According to Frédéric, scaling up small independent services that can communicate through APIs, and speed up the life cycles of development will be major differentials.

Hyperautomation is yet another trend that will not be left behind. It matches robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve decision-making. Hyperautomation platforms may be applied to corporations’ existing technologies, improving performance at lower costs – we have had success cases when act digital delivered this solution.

And, finally, let’s talk about cybersecurity, a topic that is always in focus, especially at the current moment, with the weaknesses found in remote work connections.

This year (2022), corporations will need to train and raise their employees’ awareness on the theme, just like they do with occupational health and safety issues. The trend is toward a safety score requirement (a credit score that identifies the most and least secure organizations).