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Business Intelligence – Development of dashboards, reports, and data analytics


Business Intelligence

Development of dashboards, reports, and data analytics

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The largest independent insurance group in Brazil with more than 100 years in business and 30,000 independent brokers.


  • UX & UI
  • UX Research & Persona
  • Scrum & Agile
  • Discovery & Design Thinking
  • Double Diamond

Project Overview:
After creating personas for our client and going through an immersion process geared towards each project and product, we developed and created dashboards, engaged in intelligence and analysis activities to set up solid and safe foundations for managers and strategic departments in the company to make more assertive, data-driven decisions.

Industry Served:
Healthcare & Pharma


One of the main challenges we came across was the need to understand just what internal managers and physicians truly needed to, based on that, choose which decision-making KPIs to establish. We applied Design Thinking and Discovery using immersion tools to gain insight and guide the performance indicators.

We applied Business Intelligence tools to our client’s products and services as a way to add value to their work and to generate clearer and more assertive results for the company. With a new Design Thinking culture being fostered at the organization, they were able to see gains in productivity and positive effects in relation to daily results.

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Our client’s operations are now led by data, since internal users are able to truly understand the company’s needs. This enables them to make smarter, more accurate, and consistent decisions that focus on the actual needs of their staff.

  • Increased productivity and agility in the routine of professionals
  • Quicker and more assertive decisions based on data
  • True understanding of the company’s personas, departments, and stakeholders